Beach Creatures

 So...this is what we did when the thundershowers came down upon us for a few hours at the beach...we played with the sea shells, sand dollars, and seaweed we collected and made Beach Creatures.

A Sea Princess Angel
{Precious Guardian}

A Mermaiden
{Kiss her for good luck!}

The Million Dollar Sand Dollar Man
{Bionic strength!}

A Baby Seashell Girl
{Bambina del Mare}

A Sea Angel

A Sand Mouse

A Crazy Coral Guy

A Sea Angel Boy
{Bambino del Mare}

A Happy Beach Dog

A Dapper Dollar Dude
{Corporate Guy}

And...Or Favorite Floppy Sea Turtle

This was our tiny Beach Creature family we made during the week at the beach, captured by the camera.  {Don't be surprised to see these creatures in my Etsy shop or on My Front Porch one day soon!}

Rosemary Beach photographs next time.  See you soon.

Thank you, as always for stopping by.

Ciao amici,


Grace said...

These are works of art! All so cute. Hope you are having a wonderful Summer so far Grace xoox

Margie said...


Felicia said...

super cute :)

Suzanne ~ Italian Girl in Georgia said...

Thank you friends!

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