Cottage Garden Inspiration

It's been so blazin' hot this summer in the South that it seems all we have been doing in the garden is trying to keep it hydrated and ourselves too, for that matter. 

My husband fertilized our lawn earlier this summer and I truly believe that the fertilizer must have had some sort of growth hormone in it ~ the grass grows as if it were on steroids and needs to be cut every four days!  What is that all about?

After each thunderous summer storm, limbs are scattered throughout our back yard in between and tangled in more than two hundred camellia trees.  My son and I have made the task of clean up "fun" and after every large can is full of limbs and we dump it, we get a Popsicle {you know, the ones that are in the little bags that you push up}.  Last weekend we had about eight of them and that was before noon!

So all the while I clean up the yard and struggle to keep my pretty plants alive in this heat.  My poor parched sweet peas and bachelor buttons did not make it...I'll try again in the fall. And while I do the other necessary mundane garden tasks, I have this little dream of a charming cottage garden with white picket fences, wrought iron gates, statuary, arbors, stone pathways, a knot garden, lush spots of colour...

Something like this...

Curved brick walkways and arbors with trailing roses...

and bunnies greeting you as you enter the garden gates.


These pink mopheads are a perfect backdrop for my pink cruiser, don't you think?

A bunny party!  How adorable is this garden fountain?!

Rustic signs...

and happy flowers for cutting...

more bunnies nestled among the creeping fig vines...

and dancing on a white picket fence,

while these dancing ladies dangle from a canopy of fuchsias above.

A folk art weather vane points the way... the rose garden.

Perfectly pink roses,

...sunshine yellow English roses,

...and cool as orange sherbet roses.

This bunny loves the fragrance!

Meanwhile, this little guy is hopping through fields of snow white hydrangeas,

and this little bird watches carefully and enjoys her view...

of icy lavender blooms,

frothy pink bouquets,

and rich periwinkle lace caps.

One little path bordered by upside down old terra cotta flower pots leads to another charming country garden.

Begonias, bacopa, and lobelia overflow from hanging baskets that mark the entrance of this quiet spot.

Daisies, dahlias, and delphiniums envelope you as you enter this stone paved courtyard garden...

...where small stone walls hold in the overflowing lobelia and other bountiful flora.

Petunias in purple and white create a bold spot of colour.

Daisies sway gently in the breeze, while...

...yummy yellow dahlias dance in the sunlight.

This bunny is happy to be here...

...and hopes that you are too! 

This bloom is for you!  

~ ~ ~

Thanks for your visit to "my" cottage garden ~ my garden inspiration.  

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Ciao amici,

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Some of the images in this post are from Pickets in Seagrove, Florida; Highlands Country Club in Highlands, North Carolina; and Point Defiance Botanical Gardens in Tacoma, Washington.  Others are from my own garden.