White Stucco and Painted Shutters, Sea Breezes and Palm Trees

With all that goes on during the summer months with us here at the homestead in the Deep South, this little blog of mine often ends up being last on the list of "things to do."  But...when I do get it back on the "list" I usually have some wonderful photographs and stories of fabulous places in the sun that we have been to.  

Recently, it was the sugar sand beaches and turquoise sea on the gorgeous Gulf Coast of Florida ~ a tropical paradise with a Mediterranean flair and reminiscent of the West Indies.

Although we stayed in Rosemary beach, one morning we rode our beach cruisers to Alys Beach {just over one mile down the bicycle path} and explored this luxurious village.  

The architecture and details were as impeccable as I remember from my first visit to Alys Beach a few years ago.

 Limestone paving with patches of green mossy ground cover framing portals to the homes...

...stunning over sized black urns filled with bright green palms and a white marble poolside deck, with canvas canopies filtering the sun...

...made me want to get off my bike and dive in!

Instead, we kept on cruising along the paths, not sure where we would end up.

We took a break on this bridge and enjoyed the view.

Then I saw this trio of aquamarine shuttered doors which led to a private pool...

I can only imagine the swimming pool water being this same aquamarine colour.

What do you think is behind this petite arched window?

The shutters with their vibrant pastel Caribbean colours against the stark white formal stucco buildings created a bit of whimsy, which was refreshing.

I'm always a fan of black and white though...

The dramatic contrast and clean palette is stunning.

And then there was this fifteen foot long limestone and marble sofa, with bolster "pillows" even, along the front wall of another home.  Notice the "ruffle" along the base of the sofa.  Details.

What a nice welcome this is ~ make yourself comfortable while you wait!

Although I suppose if that sofa is not comfy enough, one could always hang out in this green square and sit around a stone fire pit with a suspended chimney above.

Another dramatic architectural detail that caught my eye ~ sinuous curves, smooth corners, shades of white and cream...

'Loving the Bermudian style stepped roof tops...

...and this secret dipping pool in a private courtyard.

We stopped here to read the local paper and enjoy a cold bottle of water for a few minutes before continuing our journey.

This beach pavilion which led the way to the shore reminded me of something I would see in India or Bali.


Wouldn't this be a fabulous place to have a party at sunset?

Then the stormy clouds came in ~ dark and ominous against the brilliant white rooftops ~ and warned us with a roar.

After about five miles of riding in and around this Mediterranean-styled village, it was time to head back to Rosemary Beach.  {I will share those photos with you next time.}

I've missed you all!  
Thanks for your visit and I'll be back soon.

Ciao amici,

~ ~ ~

Joining of a few of these friends this week.