Georgia, USA


Sharing another post from summer's past.
This time exploring rural Georgia, originally posted in August 2015.

This summer we explored some of our very own Southern turf and embraced the South's unique beauty.

Abandoned plantation homes and rustic farm fences along country roads near Madison, Georgia made us wonder what used to be.

The simple construction and organic materials of this fence make it as much a part of the landscape as it hugs the vast green meadow, as are the old oak trees.

A white barn nestled in the woods and draped with kudzu would be a perfect garden retreat or studio.

Lovely manicured farmland in Pinehurst, Georgia (owned by friends of ours) reminds me of places I have seen in Italy.

Sweet corn fields, lakes, and...

...vistas that go on and on take my breath away.

Cotton fields for miles. Georgia's Indian summer snow.

Acid yellow mustard fields that bloom for acres along the road to the coast of Georgia looked like sunshine in a field.

My muse.

Country churches and simple cemeteries...

...allowed us to take a moment and explore the history of who are buried in this place.

Since I moved to Georgia slightly more than two decades ago as of today's date (August 2023), I have made a collection of country church photographs.  This one is Mount Perry Church on the way from Macon to Monticello, Georgia.

Fields of pink and white cosmos surprised us as they were dancing along a north Georgia mountain highway on our way to the mountains of North Carolina.

So beautiful that I had to get up close and personal. Now I grow these brilliant blooms in my own Southern garden.

Summer beauty.

Hoping that yours has been as lovely. 
As always, thank you for your visit.