Historic Ingleside, Macon, GA, USA


Sharing a post from six years ago, that remains one of my most popular, originally published on Mother's Day, 2014. I think this is just right for today, May Day, 2020.

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On my morning walk today, 

this precious cottage rose garden took my breath away.

When I was finished with my walk, I returned to this historic neighborhood and this tiny white cottage with my SLR camera to capture a few of these climbing roses. I was fortunate to meet and visit with the charming "goddess" of the garden who was tending to her roses. She told me she does this every morning in order to maintain the perfection of her rose garden.

This is one of the prettiest gardens I have seen in Macon in the eleven years that I have lived here. To this day, it still remains so.

May flowers.
Springtime in the South.

Happy Mother's Day weekend to all the mothers out there and a special thank you to the Garden Goddess who shared her little Garden of Eden with me. Her Eden roses are the ones growing and climbing on her white picket fence, so I decided to call her garden the Garden of Eden, not to mention that it was a rose paradise!

If you are interested in purchasing a fine art print of these magnificent roses, please contact me. I am happy to create custom sizes or multiple prints for you to share.

I love these roses so much, that I have a small framed print hanging in a corner of my studio. It's a simple reminder of the quiet, natural beauty which surrounds us every day.


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By the way, these photographs are not retouched. When I returned to my desk back in the day, I downloaded them from my camera to my computer and then posted them here to share with you as soon as I could.  Are they gorgeous, or what?!?