Backyard Archeology

Medicine & Toiletry Bottles ~ Winter White Narcissus ~ An Abandoned Bird's Nest

~ ~ ~

Treasures found in our backyard ~ old medicine and toiletry bottles and narcissus popping up in unexpected places ~ all after having our backyard bulldozed and cleared, the old 1920’s concrete swimming pool filled in, and a few fallen trees removed.

The winter rains exposed the bottles in addition to so many other treasures and fertilized the miniature bulbs, which continue to grow after being planted over fifty years ago.

This piece of hardware, an old ceramic door knob, we cleaned off and will use as a paperweight! How about that Miss Grace...do you approve? (Grace is the fabulous and creative stylist who shows all of us how to make our houses into Poetic Homes ~ you can find her on the sidebar in my "blog beauties" too.)

And an abandoned bird’s next from last Spring…

...with which I have nestled robin’s egg blue hand soaps and will find a place for in our powder room.

Ciao amici,



Anonymous said...


Simply beautiful and lovely arrangements. White humble narcissus. Love them! Bacione, Ingrid

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Wow, what great treasures!!!
Aren't bulbs amazing? I have some lily bulbs that have been in the family for over fifty years. I have personally moved them about 5 times and they still come up every year.
Thanks for sharing:)

Grace said...

Oh Suzanne!! This post was such a perfect archeological journey into your treasure-filled backyard. I loved seeing your collection of glass bottles from the backyard displayed so beautifully, and it was so delightful seeing the doorknob that your son wanted to keep. It is the perfect paperweight, especially for Bingo cards ;) Bravo!

Your home is SO POETIC! Thank you for sharing this fantastic glimpse into your archeological life, as well as your kindest words, which have all put a great big smile on my face.

Grace said...

P.S. The soap "dish" from the nest is adorable :)

cuteartworld said...

Hi Suzanne your pictures are truly beautiful! Sorry I could not help with you question on the ACEO blogspot.

Poppins said...

Lovely treasures from your backyard. The paperweight was a good idea.

Italian Girl in Georgia ~ Suzanne MacCrone said...

Hey My Friends,

So glad that you like some of my junk! Can you believe that I actually tossed out some really cool stuff that we found a few years ago (sorry Grace). Shame.

I think I may get one more arrangement out of the narcissus, then a few ancient daffodils may pop up.

Ciao amici,


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