My Cottage Style

Scrubbing and painting; dusting and polishing...

~ old family silver baby cups ~

~ candle holders and some Georgia grown cotton in an hand wrought aluminum ice bucket ~

Sewing and ironing; making slipcovers, chair covers, pillows, and cafe curtains...

~ old Italian side chair, before ~

~ and after, now so French! ~

Starching and pressing pretty linens...

~ comfy chair with feather filled pillows ~

~ window sheers made from vintage seer sucker cotton bed coverlets ~

~ some old linens, and some new ~

...Replacing faded photographs; replanting frozen lavender and thyme on the terrace and front porch ~ for the second time. Moving furniture, purchasing some new necessary pieces, refinishing some old...and most of all getting this place picture perfect for Miss Fifi who arrives in less than 24 hours to shoot me...oops, the house, then maybe me who knows!?

~ but I do have some treats for her and the crew ~

It is very fulfilling after working six years on this old pile of bricks as my husband refers to it ~ the former home of his Grandparents ~ to be acknowledged in print and photo for an upcoming issue of "Cottage Style" magazine.

We have done almost all of the restoration ourselves with the exception of our kitchen and my bathroom, both of which we had to completely demolish. We've stripped layers of faded "shabby" formal wall paper off of walls and ceilings; sanded and repainted woodwork; polished marble fireplaces which were covered in soot ~ we even found a newspaper wadded up with the date of 1949.

...and also a bird's nest in our living room chimney; pulled up wall to wall carpeting that had actual horsehair padding and waxed the beautifully preserved hardwood floors underneath...and that is just a snippet of the interior project. The gardens are an entirely different story!

This is a very traditionally styled home, architecturally ~ old beautiful over sized brick, with large rooms, lots of windows, and many formal details.

~ our "pile of bricks" circa 1950 ~

It is not my favorite style ~ I would one day love to have a small Mediterranean style cottage or a beach shack with a wrap around porch and aqua blue ceilings ~ but I we have transformed this house into a comfortable "Cottage Style" home and we love it now.
It is a happy place.

~ some favorite mugs and a little hand painted ceramic house ~

The interior is definitely is not the traditional Southern style home, with dark tones, mahogany furniture, formal upholstery and draperies. You'll see. I'll let you all know when the publication comes out ~ should be this summer ~ and I will share it all with you!

It is with pride and excitement that I anticipate this visit. I hope I do not disappoint.

Thank you Fifi...you are most welcome into our home.

Ciao amici,



Anonymous said...

I'll take your pile of bricks over my stack of sticks anyday! What a beautiful home..no wonder you , I mean your home, is going to be featured! Congrats! The red trim on the white chair goes so nicely with the lime green/minty colored wall..wonderful:)

Enjoy your photo shoot and weekend~

Anonymous said...

(ok.. they aren't sticks..more like twigs. I just didn't have a rhyme to go with that)


Creative Vignettes said...

Wonderful entry Suzanne,
Your home is a beauty. My home is from 1951. A
California beach cottage. The workers are here spiffying up my kitchen right now.
Do you have a "follow this blog" button anywhere. I didn't see it. Have fun with the photo shoot.
Abby Lanes

julie king said...

your home is just lovely and what a thrilling honor to be photographed for a magazine!!! you are very talented int he way that you put all the cute little touches in your home!

when you have a moment, stop over to my blog as i've tagged you! take care and have a great weekend!

Italian Girl in Georgia ~ Suzanne MacCrone said...

Thank you all for cheering me on and your kind words.

Christine ~ you are funny about your twig house...didn't you read the Three Little Pigs?

Abby ~ I'd love to have a beach cottage...and I miss CA and the beach a LOT!

Julie ~ Thanks for your compliments...and I'm not sure, but also for tagging me. I was the "It Girl" once before.

Ciao amici,


Phyllis said...

Hi G-i-G!

I found you through Sea Angels and have bookmarked your site.

How exciting to have your home featured in a magazine. I can't wait to see what everything looks like!

It's very nice to meet you!

Jenn said...

ooooh SQUEAL Suzanne!!! Congrats to you and your lovely home! Miss Fifi will be completely thrilled because everything looks beautiful. Love that yummy white chair with the feather filled pillows!! big xoxox to you...jenn

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you!!! Congratulations - I can't wait to see your home in Cottage Style!!!

Grace said...

CONGRATULATIONS Suzanne!!!!! Your home is such a beautiful space, made so special with your thoughtful details and artistic hands. I'm so excited for your very well-deserved photo shoot and magazine feature!!!

Heather said...

wow, what style you have! Beautiful, beautiful home~

Italian Girl in Georgia ~ Suzanne MacCrone said...

Hey My Friends ~

Thanks SO much for your comments...it was exciting and exhausting! I'll let you all know when the magazine comes out.



The Catnap Cottage said...

I just found your blog - your home is beautiful - I, too, love Cottage Living Magazine, which issue was it in? I have them all and was so disappointed when they discontinued it!! I love your blog! Cindy

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