South Beach, FL USA


= 3rd Street Life Guard Station =

A few years ago my family and I relocated to Miami, Florida for a short while and although it was not a vacation, it was hard not to feel as though we were on vacation at times - being surrounded by the fabulous Art Deco architecture, warm sunshine in the winter, miles of sandy shoreline, sailboats in the bay, scrumptious food, and photo opportunities everywhere.

= 4th Street Life Guard Station =

= 5th Street Life Guard Station =

One of my photography desires while we were there was to shoot some of the Art Deco and retro-styled lifeguard stations and towers along Miami's historic South Beach. Years ago when I was still living in California, a friend of mine knowing my love of architectural photography and color, gave me a few postcards with images of some of the South Beach stations. I have wanted to get up close and personal to photograph these iconic beach structures ever since.

= 10th Street Life Guard Station =

The towers, many of which have been restored because of past hurricane damage, are fantastic colorful and whimsical structures along the shore. 
Each with its own personality. 

= 13th Street Life Guard Station =

This collection of six are my favorites.

= 100 Jetty Life Guard Station =

 Each is sold individually, but as a collection they would make a bold architectural statement on a wall. Fine art prints are available. Contact me if you would like to make one or more of these your own.


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