Macon, GA, USA


I have been craving some extra time for many months so that I could pick up my paint brushes again and "play" in my studio. Well, I've got it. Now that I have taken a pause from my usual design work and obligations, I experimented once again with my favorite new medium - alcohol ink - on Yupo paper.

This petite (it's only 4.5" x 6") alcohol ink painting "blossomed" on my table a few days ago, mimicking the flowers on our grand Yoshino cherry tree outside my studio windows, which is currently bursting with pale pink blooms.

If you have ever painted with alcohol ink, you know that it is not very forgiving and is difficult to manipulate. I literally have very little control. The secret, I found out after numerous attempts, is to use just a few colors and just...let it flow. Because the Yupo paper is a synthetic, waterproof, and non-porous paper the ink flows liberally so it's important, as my Muse says not to overwork the ink. I agree.

Even though our annual Cherry Blossom Festival was cancelled this year, this town has been veiled in pastel pink flowers for about ten days. I celebrated the season by painting a few of these delicate blooms.

As the blossoms fade and tiny chartreuse leaflets begin to grow, the petals fall off the branches and blow in the breeze as though they were blush pink snowflakes.

They look like fairy dust in the wind or Spring snow blossoms.

With a little artistic license, I painted mine hot pink and by controlling the minimal variety of colors of inks I used, the petals resemble the translucent Yoshino flowers. This is a new medium for me and I love it, but it is challenging! 


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