Alys Beach, FL, USA


Do you have them?
I do.

I've got the bluest blues.
Classic blues.

And the whitest whites.
White by design.

My new collection of architectural photography is one of my favorites to date. I worked on this last fall when my family and I were enjoying the gorgeous Gulf Coast during Thanksgiving week.

Whenever we visit this piece of paradise, I give myself a creative project - a story to create with my camera - for fun. Occasionally, these creative projects turn into beautiful collections.

This time it was the brilliant blue skies exploding in sunlight every day during those late autumn days along the coast and the snow white stucco rooftops of Alys Beach soaring into the sky. One after the other, each with it's similar, but distinct profile. With no color other than blue in the photographs this series of rooftops came together in surprisingly graphic and abstract compositions.

The design board above shows how stunning these photographs look grouped together and hung symmetrically in a sitting area. With the furnishings kept classic and minimal, what stands out in the room is the art on the wall.

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Remember - Mother Nature will continue to do her magic no matter what and brilliant blue skies are ahead of us.