Macon, GA, USA


Now that most of us are in self-quarantine and many of us are staying in and working from our homes, it's a great time to feather our nests, move things around a bit, and refresh the rooms in our homes.

Below are some artful ideas on how to style a gallery wall - whether large or small - in your home. I know this has been described a million times before, but below are my creative suggestions that you may wish to experiment with and incorporate in your own home whether it be a cozy cottage, in town loft, townhouse, cabin, or beach bungalow.

In a corner of a living room - above and between classic book cases - a tiny ensemble of etchings, watercolors, and acrylic architectural paintings creates an interesting display.

It is all about proportion, collections, color, and repetition.

Faces and flowers.
Gold and white frames.
Rectangles and squares.

Simply Southern.
Commemorative plates with black and white architectural sketches were an important ancestral collection that my clients wanted to display in their newly renovated Mid-Century modern home, which I designed for them. I incorporated these family pieces in their dining room, along with newer furnishings and artworks.

In the same family home, a small historic collection of delicate etchings all matted in white and framed in black make a strong statement in the piano room. The continuity of the black and white art pieces from room to room, created a fluid design throughout the home.

Mirror, mirror, mirror!
On the wall.
While working on the renovation of this home, I selected a variety of vintage and new mirrors and had the frames all painted white. Hung on a mud room entry wall makes a clean, cohesive, and stylish presentation while reflecting the light from the windows opposite this wall.

This secondary foyer showcasing artworks of cherubs, garden angels, and Victorian ladies, in new and antique frames is anything but "old-fashioned." The repetition of subject matter, variety in the renditions of the artworks - watercolors, needlepoint, etchings - and scale of the pieces keep your eyes bouncing around the wall eager to capture all the details in each image.

Up the stairs directly across from this small foyer, is another stylized collection mirrors - gilded gold, old and new.

Who let the dogs out?
For another client - a dog lover - I found these fabulous minimalistic black and white brush paintings of "people dogs" hanging out in the city. This collection of similarly styled and monochromatic paintings are striking when all framed in the same manner. Placed between floor to ceiling windows in a downtown loft they add playful interest to the view from this penthouse.

Gallery walls are also quite stunning in a medical office.

I was commissioned to create this collection of monochrome photography for my client, who had moved her dental practice to a renovated historic building.

I photographed iconic architectural buildings and monuments in Macon, Georgia, which were significant and sentimental to my client. I had the photos printed in large format giclées and framed them gallery style in white mats and black frames. They are hung throughout the reception/waiting area and exam rooms and create interest and conversation among the patients and medical staff.

I always love a gallery wall when my own paintings are hanging in an art gallery, of course! These Gypsy Garden Girls have a local home at a gallery in town. Most of these originals have sold, but if you are interested in one or would like to commission a custom "portrait" please contact me. Fine art prints are available in my Etsy.

So, what are your plans this weekend? Think about shopping your home and re-decorating your walls. Your eyes will thank you.