Macon, GA, USA


All the rain we have had in February is bringing us early blooms and spring greens. So on this (sunny) last Friday of February, I am sharing some garden inspiration.

This precious garden house is the perfect retreat in a lush grassy meadow with a canopy of trees overhead. A little hideaway or studio? Yes, please.

Bringing green inside, even if it is a collection of preserved boxwood topiaries. Clustered and "planted" in white cache pots creates a little garden in a kitchen corner.

Guss. In a carpet of green grass. Always a good idea.

The azaleas are about to burst soon here in the South. These white azaleas cascading over a rustic white picket fence in Savannah offer a lovely entry to a secret garden.

White whisper roses freshly picked from my garden. I hung them from twine between a couple of trees to create a garland of flowers above my bird bath.

Vintage snowdrops bloom year after year in our back woodland garden. They were planted decades ago and continue to surprise us every late winter with a carpet of their dainty tulip shaped and green freckled blossoms.

Edible greens from our garden this winter! We just harvested our last crop of these yummy baby lettuces and enjoyed every last bite.

A great way to boost a soothing garden combination of green and white is to carefully curate a collection of foliage - varieties with speckles and spots, pale grey greens mixed with chartreuse, oversize green fronds with tiny mossy leaves.

White blooms give a cooling effect to a garden - especially in the South on hot summer days. In the evening hours, white flowers practically glow in the moonlight against the shadows and different shades of green in the landscape. Sometimes these types of gardens are referred to as "Moonflower Gardens."

I love a monochromatic green and white garden. The composition and diversity in the silhouettes of flowers and leaves animate and pump up the visual interest, without the added color. 


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