Macon, GA, USA


Hello Friends,

Happy New Year to you.  It has been quite a while since my last post - almost two years.  I had to step away for some personal reasons back in 2016 and then was posting very sporadically.  In recent years, my design business has kept me from returning sooner, but now it is time to "re-boot" Italian Girl in Georgia with a refreshed look and style.

We have done a little re-branding around here this past year and created a new logo for my design business that truly reflects the style of my work.  Borrowing inspiration from my all-time favorite architect, designer, and artist, Charles Rennie Mackintosh (Glasgow's Art Nouveau genius) and working together with a graphics team that understood my vision - combining my color palette and branding inspiration with their graphic design expertise - we came up with a new logo for Suzanne MacCrone Rogers Interiors.  My website is also going through a "renovation" and in turn, I felt it was necessary to re-vamp Italian Girl in Georgia and get the two in sync.

I have a deep fondness for this online spot of mine, which I created in 2008 on my son's birthday, and was hesitant to transform it.  However, it is time for it to unfold into a more cohesive and sophisticated place that reflects my current work.  This blog will retain its authenticity and I will always be the Italian Girl in Georgia - with a little quirkiness finding its way in here once in a while.

     (My "Brand Board" - Color palette and branding inspiration for my new logo.)

When I began this blog, it was during a time when I had recently moved across country from California to Georgia, and was re-establishing my business here in the Southeast, working on just a few design jobs a year and had the luxurious time to write.  I was spending glorious time with my baby boy, my muse; selling my photography and art through various online venues and in local galleries; writing for some magazines; creating collections of home goods; restoring our home and garden; and sharing a lot of it with you it right here.

As an entrepreneur and a creative, blogging provided a way for me to share my artistic endeavors to the public.  I used this platform to document my work and the beauty around me.  Italian Girl in Georgia became my online diary.  It was a time when art blogs were in their prime and we had the opportunity to know one another by sharing our stories and aesthetic journeys.

We became a circle of friends around the world.

Recently, I went through all the saved links I had for the beautiful art and design blogs I used to follow and found that while some of you still write on your blogs, most of you have moved on and do not post anymore.  It makes me a little melancholy.  There was a creative connection between so many of us that is now no longer present...or, the connection we have now is through brief interludes on Instagram, which seems to have taken the place of thoughtful, artful blogs.
My website, Suzanne M. Rogers Interiors will showcase my interior architecture and design work along with a few other surprises. Italian Girl in Georgia will share the behind-the-scenes events on some of my design projects - the before and afters, you've got to see.  Sprinkled in will be stories of my photography, art, and other adventures.

I invite you to follow me on InstagramPinterest, and Houzz for up-to-date posts on my architecture and interior design, photography, art, and inspiration.

And, I hope you will continue join me here on Italian Girl in Georgia.  When my website is live, you are invited!

Wishing all of you a brilliant New Year in 2020.