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Gorgeous ceilings make rooms sparkle and sing with vivid paint colors and stunning lighting. 

Often my clients are skeptical about having their ceilings painted when I ask their thoughts about it during an initial consultation.  "Oh, no! It must stay white!" is usually what I hear.  "Really, a ceiling with color?"  Or, "Won't color on the ceiling make the room feel small?"  It makes me smile and gives me the opportunity to share with them how it can truly transform a space.

Here's a glimpse of a living room paint palette I designed for the restoration of a historic Philip Trammell Shutze home (Villa Teresa, circa 1929), which was completely damaged by fire and smoke a couple of years ago.

While the painted trompe l'oeil ceiling shown here is not historic, it was salvaged. My paint palette for the plaster walls and woodwork enhanced the cool tones that are not so predominant in the ceiling decoration - toning down the bold golden yellows - creating a serene and elegant drawing room reminiscent of the era in which this home was built.

The sky is the limit with this ceiling in a mellow shade of blue, which is perfect for the light and airy feeling I was striving for in this mid-century lake house retreat.  These natural wicker globe pendants are original to the cottage and now are contemporary companions for the white rafters and beams against the blue ceiling.

If a bolder blue hue is what you are I was in this living room (our home), go for it.  While you may think that a dark ceiling will close in the room and make it feel smaller, it is quite the contrary.  A dark ceiling recedes, therefore it lifts up the room.  Not to mention it adds a significant amount of drama setting off the crystal chandelier beautifully.

I painted our living room ceiling this deep indigo many years ago and still love it.  Now, this blue could be Pantone's Color of the Year 2020, "Classic Blue."  Dare to push the boundaries of your comfort zone and you may be pleasantly surprised by the result.

This kitchen is in a home that I completely renovated and redesigned last year.  I will share the  before photos in a future post, but just imagine the original ceiling height in here at about seven feet at the most - I could touch it and I am not tall - only 5'3".  I lifted the ceiling as high as it could go and then pitched it for even more height.  The monochromatic palette of warm greys and shades of whites allowed me to have a little fun with the ceiling color, so we painted it an icy blue - one of my client's favorite colors.

The contrast of the blue against the black and brushed brass pendant lights and chandelier looks as though they are hanging from the sky.

Never forget your fifth wall!

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If you are ready to change the color of your ceilings or even your entire interior or exterior, I offer flat fee paint palette packages for your home or place of business.  Contact me for an initial complimentary consultation.  E-Design packages are available, as well.