It's Spring and time to begin beautifying your gardens, terraces, porches, and pool patios.  Recently for a much needed Spring break, we spent some time on 30A, the Northeastern Gulf Coast of Florida, at Rosemary Beach.

{Lagoon Beach House, Alys Beach}

{Courtyard Pool, Alys Beach}

My family and I try to go visit the 30A area, at least once a year and often stay at Rosemary Beach, where we can bike to Alys Beach and take a short drive to the tiny towns of Seaside and Watercolor.

{The Pearl Pool, Rosemary Beach}

{Caliza Pool, Alys Beach}

The architecture is divine, the weather is lovely, the seascape breathtaking and I always come home refreshed.

{Sidewalk Pool, Alys Beach}

{Waterfall Pool, Rosemary Beach}

{Frog Pool, Watercolor}

For a little inspiration I am sharing some "cool pools" I visited, dipped my toes in, or jumped into.

{Lap Pool, Rosemary Beach}

{Frog Pool, Watercolor}

{Frog Pool, Watercolor}

Perhaps you can take away some design ideas and use some of these ideas in your own private paradise.

 {Private Pool, Rosemary Beach}

 {Jacuzzi Pool, Rosemary Beach}

These original photographs are digitally enhanced using the Waterlogue application.  I thought it appropriate to use "watercolors" for this post instead of my original photographs.  To see some of the photos from this post before they were transformed, visit my Instagram feed.  {All are available for sale, either in my Etsy shop or directly from me.}

{Frog Pool, Watercolor}

Enjoy and stay cool!

Ciao amici,

The images of the Frog Pool at Watercolor are from photographs I made a few years ago when we were staying in Watercolor.  Sadly, the beautiful mosaic frogs are no longer sitting by the pool spitting out water, but have been replaced with plastic frogs.  So glad that we had the opportunity to see the original sparkling frogs a when we were there.  They were stunning works of art.

{And...Sea Island Poolside, Sea Island - where my husband spent his summers back in the day.}




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