Keeping the Spirit of Summer

I missed a month or so of putting my words on these pages, but it seems fitting that I return on my blogoversary as I begin my eighth year of blogging to say hello again.

Why does it seem as though the days pass so quickly?  There are as many hours in the days now as there were when we were children...when summer seemed to last forever.

We have had some "dog days of summer" while trying to defy the sweltering Southern heat this year, but also have enjoyed some "lazy days of summer" when we have had the chance to steal an afternoon nap, sit by the sea, walk along the shore, watch the clouds float above us...

 ...or lay on the beach and luxuriate in reading a book for hours until it is finished, with the background music of crashing waves and the soft ocean breeze brushing against our skin.

It has gone by much too quickly and even though it is not officially over {school has already begun here in the Deep South}...

...we are keeping the spirit of summer with us for as long as we can.

As always, thank you for your visit.


Ciao amici,




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