Lucky Charms from Our Garden

There's nothing sweeter than the fragrance of vintage snowdrops blooming at the end of a cold winter.  

These petite blossoms burst from the cold, hard, neglected soil in our backyard every winter. 

They've been bulldozed, run over by tractors, frozen under snow and ice, smooshed by fallen limbs, and still never fail to dance below the trees in the March winds year after year.  I wish all of our garden could withstand this abuse!


So for about three weeks each year, I get to pluck these fresh blooms from our garden, which look as though they have been hand painted with little dots of mimosa green on each petal, and enjoy them inside. 

The fragrance is not unlike narcissus, but more delicate and their bell blossoms and straight green stalks are perfect in my collection of vintage crystal vases.

These are our lucky charms from the garden.  
What are yours?

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
Will you get lucky today?

Ciao amici,