Nature's Color Wisdom ~ Featured on Houzz

Last week I was happily surprised by a personal e-mail from Houzz that read, 

Hi Suzanne MacCrone Rogers,
Congratulations! You were hand-picked by one of our writers to be featured in an editorial ideabook on the homepage of Houzz. See it here: Nature’s Color Wisdom: Lessons on Pink From the Great Outdoors.  

So, I saw it there and was pleased to find my Bright Blue Brick Wall photograph within the editorial.

This was one of the very first photographs I made soon after I moved to Georgia.  My husband and I were travelling through some tiny southern towns on our way to the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains, and I found this bright blue painted brick wall in Monticello, Georgia.  
Stop the car!  
Had to shoot it - with my film SLR camera {back in the day, that's what I used}.  
One shot and I was done.
Had no idea that it would be such a popular photograph, win first place at the Georgia National Fair, sell year after year, and be featured regularly on Etsy and now on Houzz.
{I have it hanging in my studio.}  
I just liked what I saw at that moment.  
There is nothing like the purity and honesty of making a photograph with film.

If you would like to see more in my Houzz, some of my other work, and my ideabooks please stop by.  
Thank you for your visit today.  Put a little pink in your day.

Happy Spring!

Ciao amici,

Joining some of these friends this week.


Margie said...

How exciting! I am a BIG Houzz fan. Pin tons of stuff to my Pinterest boards from there. such a fabulous resource. Congrats!

LV said...

What an honor. You just never know when something nice will drop in.

bj said...

I am so thrilled to hear this great news. Congratulations,....and I can see why your Blue Wall Photo is so popular...it's STUNNING.
xo bj

Beverly said...

It is definitely a stunner. One of those photos that just happen, and the beauty endures.

Happy Pink Saturday. Thank you for sharing it and joining us today. I would appreciate it if you would include a link back to Pink Saturday in your post so that your visitors could visit us, too.♥

Art @ Home said...

Congratulations! :D Well-deserved feature. One of my best friends, Ellen, is from Monticello, GA!

You have such a wonderful eye for photography. I enjoy my apple blossoms every day!


Suzanne ~ Italian Girl in Georgia said...

Hi Friends ~

Thank you all for you lovely comments. So good to hear from you.

Ciao amici,

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