A Melody of Vintage Sheet Music

Today is my ten year wedding anniversary and I thought it would be a sweet day to share with you a couple of new romantically inspired mixed media art works I have recently completed.

Le Soir ~ “the evening” in French ~ and our evening will be spent Italian style {of course} at our favorite local ristorante.

 This petite gallery wrapped canvas is just six inches square and one and a half inches deep, painted with bold brush strokes of acrylic paint and gesso in shades of cream.  

The pretty dress is a perfect gown for the symphony or opera ~ made from original vintage sheet music and embellished with pearls, paper posies, and a hand dyed seam binding ribbon sash.  


 The night sky is filled with musical notes and double flower blooms with pearl centers and a full moona vintage rhinestone bauble {formerly an earring}.  A vintage French vocabulary card “le soir” was the inspiration for this piece.

A girl’s night should be so romantic

 Le Trésor ~ “the treasure” in French ~ and in my life.  My husband and because of him, my son, are my precious treasures.  When I found the
French vocabulary card with these words, “le trésor, I knew I had to use it on this art piece.

 This gallery wrapped canvas is painted in the same bold brush strokes of cream and ecru acrylic paint and gesso as Le Soir.  

The glamorous gown is also created from original vintage sheet music and similarly fashioned and styled as its companion.  The full sparkly moon {the matching vintage rhinestone earring} shines in the night sky and double vintage sheet music and pearl blooms are a melody on the canvas.


 Both of these mixed media art pieces are wonderful as a pair {as are my husband and I}, but also beautiful as independent, unique creations.

 These little blank canvases sat on my studio table for a month or more before I finally came up with the concept for these two lovelies and now they are available in my Etsy shop, sold individually or as a pair.  They would look wonderful hanging in a special spot in your bedroom or studio, or simply placed on a pretty desk or bookshelf.  

For details please visit my Etsy shop.

Since my husband makes my heart sing, I made this heart for him using original sheet music from the song, "Love Is A Many~Splendored Thing."  

{'Did not even realize I had this particular score when I designed this piece.  Perfect!}

 Wishing all of you a sparkly night sky filled with romance this weekend.

Ciao amici,


Spending a little of my time this week joining some of these friends.