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~ Happy Monday Friends ~

{The Columns ~ College Avenue, Macon, GA}

Wow, I just looked at the number of posts I did in previous years and I spent almost half that amount of time here last year...I'm sorry.

{The Columns ~ College Avenue, Macon, GA}

I really need to step it up a bit, don't I?  I so enjoy my visits with you and sharing my stories, photographs, projects, and more...but just did not have the time to indulge in it last year as much as I would have liked.  Nor did I have enough time to visit your blogs as often as I wanted to.  

{Rose Hill Cemetery ~ Macon, GA}

Obviously, when Italian Girl in Georgia is absent from here it is a sign that my other work is going well, which is a good thing.  

{Rose Hill Cemetery ~ Macon, GA}

I am passionate about my work in the architectural and interior design field, and when that work is not available I re-invent myself to meet the needs of my clients in some other aspect of design and grab a creative job when I can.

{Rose Hill Cemetery ~ Macon, GA}

{Rose Hill Cemetery ~ Macon, GA}

{Rose Hill Cemetery ~ Macon, GA}

Recently, I was commissioned to do a series of large format black and white photographs of iconic architectural buildings and structures in my town.  

{I originally shot these images in black and white, which I loved making ~ they were not manipulated and changed into black and white.}  

{Central City Park Pavilion ~ Macon, GA}

This job was for my dentist {and friend} who late last year purchased an abandoned building which used to be a tavern she hung out at while in college.  

{I don't think she would mind if I mentioned this, since this place has a very special meaning to her. And even more so now that she owns the building and it is her place of business.}

{Saint Joseph's Catholic Church ~ Macon, GA}

{Saint Joseph's Catholic Church ~ Macon, GA}

She re-designed the building and it's now a beautiful dental office.  I love it when unused spaces are re-invented.  I wish more was done with abandoned buildings that clutter our landscape throughout our country ~ whether they be vacant big box retail spaces or those smaller structures with historical value.} 

{Old Coaling Tower ~ Macon, GA}

And because of the building's historic significance she wanted to pay homage to it by only using photographs of Macon in the office as the art work.

{Mercer University ~ Macon, GA}

This was a wonderful project that allowed me to focus on and explore my adopted town in ways that I had not before ~ through a black and white camera lens.  The architecture here is truly magnificent {which I appreciate daily} and shooting the details of my subjects was an adventure.

{Mercer University ~ Macon, GA}
 My new photographs will be mixed with several vintage photos, along with a couple of my client's own work in the waiting room and throughout the exam rooms.

{Rose Hill Cemetery ~ Macon, GA}

Shown throughout this post are some of the images my client and I selected {and some of the out takes too}.  

{Rose Hill Cemetery ~ Macon, GA}

The collection is in production now and being framed in gallery style archival white mats and black frames.  Installation should be in a couple of weeks ~ just in time for the ribbon cutting ceremony.

{Rose Hill Cemetery ~ Macon, GA}


{I'll be back soon, even if I do not have a lot of words to write, but just to keep in touch.}

Ciao amici,

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Connecting with some friends here this week.




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