There is Nothing Sweeter Than A Georgia Peach

Summer in the South means that these soft pink...

Spring blooms...

{interpreted in a watercolour painting by my little assistant, Matthew}

...have turned into sweet, juicy, delicious fruit!

Plucked from the orchards then delicately packed in colourful crates...

...and delivered to our plates.

Luscious, fuzzy, fragrant, scrumptious
{Thank you Pearson Farms ~ I'll be back for more next week.}

There's nothing sweeter than a Georgia peach
{One even landed in my logo above ~ for year 'round sweetness.}

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For a yummy peach crisp recipe try this one I posted a couple of years ago. It's delish!

Jell-O Flavors for the Month of June

Paris Pink

Meadow Green

Robin’s Egg Blue

A bag full of petite vintage Jell-O molds I found in a local antique mall was the inspiration for this new collection of nests.

For a couple of months I stored them in an English rose wrought iron basket on a shelf in my studio before the vision of what I could do with them came to me.

Of course, they were perfect containers for miniature nests.  Each two- to three-inch vintage aluminum Jell-O mold is used as the base of the nest and then filled with green Spanish moss.

A petite three-inch natural grapevine wreath surrounds the mold and is adorned with three petite paper posies in snow white, Paris pink, or French blue.  Coordinating hand dyed and scrunched French seam binding is tied in a floppy bow on the wreath as the finishing touch.

These are precious used on tables as individual place card holders, party favors for a baby shower, table markers, or even sweet containers for a few tiny blooms as a centerpiece on a tea table

They are absolutely perfect to hold a few pieces of decadent candy or a special gift. I think that they are so darn cute that I have them just sitting prettily on my desk right now ~ until they are all sold!

 Included with each nest is an individual card made of Bristol board, which is stained with coordinating permanent ink on the edges and embellished with a single paper posy

You may use the card for a special note to your friend or guest, or use it for a place card at an enchanting garden gathering.

 I sell these in colour coordinated sets of five in my Etsy shop, but will do larger quantities for any special event. 

Each nest is unique and each collection includes a variety of molds.  This collection is a limited edition due to the number of Jell-O molds I have currently in my studio.

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Zazzling Sunshine, Daisies & Sweet as Southern Sugar Garden Girls

I'm so thrilled with the wonderful new products that Zazzle is offering to us these bright sunshiny days of early summer.  These textiles are right up my alley and I'm lovin' this new line of American MoJo pillows, table linens, and hand towels that are available for us to create into our very own custom collections of linens for the home and garden.

You can't help but have a “Sunny Disposition” with these smiling faces looking at you! Perfect pillows on a neutral sofa or pastel chair. Fun for summer on the porch at your beach house! Use outdoors or on your covered porch for a party. Get the set of two for double the sunshine.

Or you can add some retro inspired pop art to your interior decor with these bright and bold daisy cushions.  

What happier way to dry the dishes than with these cheerful daisy hand towels.  Grab the set of three for a fun field of flowers.  Great for any summer party.  Made with designs from my collection of pen and ink watercolour and gouache paintings, these festive flowers will keep your kitchen looking fresh every day of the week!  {I might even get sets of these and stitch them together to slip over the backs of dining or folding chairs...just an idea.}

All American MoJo products are produced by sustainably employed single moms in the USA and contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty for single moms and their children. {Don’t you just think that is great? I do. What better use of talent.}  Made of 100% grade A cotton, these pillows and linens are the perfect complement to your home. 
These sweet as Southern sugah flower girls radiate on these plush pillows.  Darling for a little girls' or big girls' room.  An artsy way to dress up a comfy chair in a dorm room.  Get the set of three for a charming statement!

Visit my Zazzle store for these and more new products for the hot days ahead.  I've got some more ideas up my sleeves for another floral collection using some of my macro photography.  Stay in touch and you'll see them soon in the shop.

Happy week to you all.

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Getting Lost in Creative Glory

 When I get involved in an interior design project as I have been for the last five or six weeks, my head gets lost in all of its creative glory...

...and I do not have much time for any of my random creativity that I love to share here ~ here on my little piece of blog real estate.

So you are probably wondering, "What do these photographs have to do with any of this randomness?"

I'll tell you...As I was in the process of selecting artwork for the space I am working on {a waiting room for a medical practice which is women owned for women patients} I thought to myself why the heck should I go to for prints and posters when I have a vast portfolio of original photographs I can use for this job. 

 I am using a collection of black and white botanical photographs for much of the wall art ~ beautifully framed in matte black "SOHO" gallery style frames.  Zazzle offers this feature when you order photo prints, so I am designing and ordering these from my Zazzle shop.  I have been so pleased with the quality of printing and materials that Zazzle produces, that this was a perfect fit for this project.

 My client for whom I am designing this space is originally from Charleston, South Carolina so I wanted to be sure to include some iconic Southern blooms in the artwork ~ magnolias, daffodils ~ along with some sculptural pieces such as the vintage wrought iron gate detail above which is symbolic of the beautiful wrought iron one sees throughout Charleston's gardens.

 The softness and the unity of the black and white florals will create a gentle backdrop to the waiting room.   
{Rather than the typical dark, heavy landscape oil paintings that one sees too often in spaces such as this.  Just sayin'.}

 I'm not sure if all these pieces will be selected for the project, but since my client has purchased my work in the past I am hopeful that she will love all of this when I present it to her later this week.

{By the way, I know I mentioned in my last post that I would be showing you some sweet vintage inspired gifts ~ I have not forgotten.  As soon as this project is "out of my head" I will share them with you ~ sooner than later.}

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