There is Nothing Sweeter Than A Georgia Peach

Summer in the South means that these soft pink...

Spring blooms...

{interpreted in a watercolour painting by my little assistant, Matthew}

...have turned into sweet, juicy, delicious fruit!

Plucked from the orchards then delicately packed in colourful crates...

...and delivered to our plates.

Luscious, fuzzy, fragrant, scrumptious
{Thank you Pearson Farms ~ I'll be back for more next week.}

There's nothing sweeter than a Georgia peach
{One even landed in my logo above ~ for year 'round sweetness.}

As always, thank you for stopping by.

Ciao amici,

~ ~ ~

For a yummy peach crisp recipe try this one I posted a couple of years ago. It's delish!