Getting Lost in Creative Glory

 When I get involved in an interior design project as I have been for the last five or six weeks, my head gets lost in all of its creative glory...

...and I do not have much time for any of my random creativity that I love to share here ~ here on my little piece of blog real estate.

So you are probably wondering, "What do these photographs have to do with any of this randomness?"

I'll tell you...As I was in the process of selecting artwork for the space I am working on {a waiting room for a medical practice which is women owned for women patients} I thought to myself why the heck should I go to for prints and posters when I have a vast portfolio of original photographs I can use for this job. 

 I am using a collection of black and white botanical photographs for much of the wall art ~ beautifully framed in matte black "SOHO" gallery style frames.  Zazzle offers this feature when you order photo prints, so I am designing and ordering these from my Zazzle shop.  I have been so pleased with the quality of printing and materials that Zazzle produces, that this was a perfect fit for this project.

 My client for whom I am designing this space is originally from Charleston, South Carolina so I wanted to be sure to include some iconic Southern blooms in the artwork ~ magnolias, daffodils ~ along with some sculptural pieces such as the vintage wrought iron gate detail above which is symbolic of the beautiful wrought iron one sees throughout Charleston's gardens.

 The softness and the unity of the black and white florals will create a gentle backdrop to the waiting room.   
{Rather than the typical dark, heavy landscape oil paintings that one sees too often in spaces such as this.  Just sayin'.}

 I'm not sure if all these pieces will be selected for the project, but since my client has purchased my work in the past I am hopeful that she will love all of this when I present it to her later this week.

{By the way, I know I mentioned in my last post that I would be showing you some sweet vintage inspired gifts ~ I have not forgotten.  As soon as this project is "out of my head" I will share them with you ~ sooner than later.}

As always, thank you for your visit.

Ciao amici,