Graduation Day

...from Kindergarten, that is.

I’ve been a bit preoccupied lately ~ both with work and with the fact that my little boy is “graduating” from Kindergarten this week ~ hence the lack of substantial blog posts these last few weeks.

On the one hand I am very pleased that I have some terrific projects in the works ~ I love what I do.

It is so fulfilling to do what you want to do and like to do and are good at doing it and…get paid for it and acknowledged publicly for it.

On the other hand, I am in a very melancholy mood these days…five years ago when I enrolled my baby in a Mother’s Morning Out program when he had just turned one and could barely talk, I knew I had found a safe place and a haven for us. As a newcomer to a small Southern town, it was {and still is} challenging to meet and make true friends. When we found this little school, it just fit. Both for us and for our little guy, but most of all I believe for me. He has thrived and so have I ~ learning along with him, making new friends {Moms of his best buddies}, gaining an enormous amount of respect for those tireless teachers who work with toddlers and pre-schoolers day after day, and most of all seeing the phenomenal growth in my child’s brain and emotions.

From not only the first day of Kindergarten,

but throughout the last five years...

Learning the arts
{a little bit of my influence here, don't you think?}...

Exploring different cultures and countries
{show and tell day during the week they studied Japan}...

Touching the beauty of our Mother Earth {picking fresh juicy strawberries at the Fun Farm}...

of course the basics of reading...


and arithmetic.

But, most of all

his LOVE.

What a joy this is to watch. It never would have been the same if he had not been exposed to this little jewel of a school. A big thank you to all of you who taught him and cared about him during these last five years. You are appreciated.

I have deliberately stayed away from the computer to write because I knew that once I started on this subject, I would go on and on and probably bore all of you to death!

Friday evening we are going to our son’s graduation from Kindergarten. I never “graduated” from Kindergarten ~ perhaps because I stayed in the same school for first grade. Next year we go to the “big kid” school so it’s a BIG DEAL!

So that’s all I am going to write about this subject ~ this is about as personal as I may have ever been here “in my studio.”

Most of you have been where I am or are headed in that direction and you all have your delightfully unique stories about your children too. Happy graduation to all those who are crossing the threshold.  It’s a wonderful time in your life.
Enjoy it all!

Ciao amici,