The other day I went to Bollingbroke ~ a tiny town the size of a minute and just ten minutes up the road from my home ~ to do some antique furniture hunting for an office I am designing and to meet a possible new client. 

I was a bit distracted from my original goal when I realized that I was in the midst of all this  S O F T N E S S.

Soft as Georgia cotton...

Soft as the gauzy window sheers...

and the ruffled petals on these silk flowers.

Soft as the shadows behind the delicate wrought iron scrolls of these chairs...

Soft as the skin on these naked babes...well, not quite since they are wood, but I could not resist!

Soft as this pretty hand made fabric journal...

This petite hanging bird's nest...

and the light shining through these vintage jars...

...was just perfect!

{By the way, I did find a fabulous custom built antique "hunt board" for the space I am working on.  Now I just have to convince my client that he cannot live without this piece.}

Thank you for your visit, as always.

Ciao amici,


Shelia said...

Just loved seeing your Georgia softness! Great photos.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Wanda said...

Blog hopping and found yours very nice. Love your photos TTFN

CIELO said...

I love those iron chairs, and vintage jars in window and that lovely corner with the gathered sheer curtains... very romantic and chic! Thanks for adding us to your sidebar too!

have a lovely day and rest of week


Sweet Bee Cottage said...

What lovely pictures. Gotta' love that Georgia cotton!

rochambeau said...

Always a reason to hunt! Even for photo prey. Glad you live just 10 mins. away from so much softness! That you have the eyes to see~
Glad you found what you were looking for too.
Have a wonderful Week in Georgia, Italian Girl~~~


Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos!! I am in love with the chippy scrolly chair of yours!!

THank you so much for coming by my lil ol blog and saying "Hi" !! Look forward to visiting you more!

bee blessed

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