Where I Will Be...

The weather has been gorgeous and perfect for working in the garden...

which is just where I will be and what I look forward to this weekend.

Happy Friday Friends!
Whatever you may do, have a wonderful time doing it.



sunshine said...

I am loving my Tulips right now. :)
I am going to try to spend some time outside in my Flower beds as well this weekend. :) They need a good weeding!

Have a lovely weekend!


Poppins said...

It sounds wonderful! Here it is cold and rainy, summer seems far away. We had a terrible cold winter and and a lot of snow (here in the south of Sweden we do not have very much snow) so now I am longing for summer.
Sweet roses!
xo Poppins

Suzanne MacCrone said...

Hey Girls ~

I'm glad you stopped by ~ I'm ready to get my finger nails dirty today!

To both of you on different continents, have a wonderful weekend.

Ciao amici,

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