What a beautiful way to end the year...our sunset in Georgia,
and moon~glow...
Happy New Year Friends

Happy New Year

Wishing all of you a very Happy New Year!

I am updating my Etsy shop and will be adding new prints of my paintings, as well as premiering some brand new products for children.
~ ~ ~
Waiting ~ Cabo San Lucas
~ ~ ~
Please "wait" a few more days and I will show you a sneak peek.
Ciao amici,

Christmas Time ~ Nativity, Vintage Angels, and Frosty the Snowman

Well, "tomorrow" as I mentioned in my last post, was five days much for keeping up with deadlines I impose upon myself. (Not that any of you noticed...) I had to do a bit of Christmas shopping, see Santa Claus, and we finally got our tree this weekend too.  I just wanted to wish all of you a very happy Christmas season and share a few of my favorite Christmas decorations with you too.

This little architect angel was a gift to me while I was at UC Berkeley working on my architecture degree. It is made by the Benedictine Monks of Saint Andrews Abbey, a Benedictine monastery located in the high desert of southern California. It was founded in 1956 by nine monks exiled from China. As an expression of their monastic life, they began to make ceramic icons and plaques reflecting Benedictine reverence for the Divine Presence which pervades all life. The angels remind us that we are to meet God in the home, in our work, and in our play.

This petit porcelain Nativity set was a gift from my son last Christmas. I decided that it would be the inspiration for the center piece on my table this year. It makes me smile throughout the day, every time I walk by it. The innocence not only of the figurines, but of my own child who chose this special gift just for me warms my heart.

This lovely Mother and Child ornament just arrived from one of my new favorite artists, Heather Sleightholm from AudreyEclectic. Her work is beautiful and I would love to own an original one day, but for now I have this pretty piece at the top of my tree.

These are some vintage angel candle holders I have, circa 1960's. I just love them ~ so retro! I think I purchased one at a Salvation Army store in the Bay Area and the other was a hand me down from my Mom who displayed it every year during Christmas for as long as I can remember.

I have these white beaded votive candle holders (I confess, an extravagant purchase from the Dollar Store several years ago) and white cherub ceramic planters with holly on the mantel of the gas marble fire place in my bedroom...white twinkle lights along the mantel create a glow in the evening.

But, it's not all about white and gold and silver in this house, or just angels (I certainly am not always one!). I do have some RED! I grew up with this little guy named Frosty. It cost my parents about five bucks in the sixties and is still in working condition. It is battery operated and when turned on, his red glass eyes blink, his arm moves the broom, the bell jingles, and...air blows out of his black top hat and floats a Styrofoam ball on air. It's a riot, especially for children and we will place it under our tree this year for Santa to check out.

Merry Christmas Friends and Buon Natale Tutti,

~ ~ ~

I do have some small holiday items in my Etsy shop and am offering free standard shipping on all items through December 20th. Take a peek if you are interested. Ciao.

A Cottage Angel

I have more angels to show you tomorrow and some festive ideas too, but for now you can see them dancing in my Etsy shop and on my Flickr photostream.
Wishing all of you a very happy Christmas season.
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Buon Natale,

Seeing RED

Today is...RED FRIDAY

~ ~ ~

Todos Santos, Baja California Sur
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Please come into my Etsy shop,have a look around, and fill your bags.

Todos Santos, Baja California Sur
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I have reduced the prices on all my photographs and am offering free shipping on everything in my shop until December 20th.

Buon Natale Tutti,

Red Friday

The colour of the week is RED!

Desert Sunset


Join some of us on Red Friday when we will be updating our Etsy shops with red hot handmade holiday specials.

Tracy, of The Vintage Sister Studio, dreamed up this fabulous idea and we've got a delectable group of artists. Just click on the badge on my side bar or the large badge above to find what shops are participating.

I am personally offering free shipping from now until December 20th on all my merchandise in my shop and will be listing some new prints of my Angel Flower Girls, gift embellishments, and new photographs some of which I made in Cabo San Lucas last week!

So, get a comfy chair, put you glasses on (if you need them), grab a cup of hot mulled cider, peruse the beautiful art by these talented women on Etsy, and of course stay out of the malls and buy handmade.

Ciao amici e buon natale,


A Casa

We are home from a beautiful and relaxing and fun vacation (..."business" trip to the IRS, of course). I have lots of photographs to show you ~ I took over 400 (crazy, I know). There was a riot of colour, beautiful architecture, folk art, scrumptious food, and lovely people.

For now, while I sort through my photographs and work on some new Christmas items for my Etsy shop, please make your self comfortable and have a seat...

Wrought Iron Bench, Yellow Wall
San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur

or enjoy this gorgeous view of the rocky Pacific Coast and shoreline...

Esperanza Resort, Cobalt Blue Infinity Pool ~ View of Pacific Ocean

or dive in!

We loved this place.

Wrought Iron Candelabra, Entrance of Esperanza Resort

~ ~ ~

I will be back soon.

Ciao amici,


Buon Viaggio

Well, now that I have almost finished re-loading all of the "recycled" photographs that were dumped last week (with the exception of two posts, which I will try to complete before the end of the day), I am ready for a vacation.

Taking a Break

I am "taking a break" and will be away from my blog and Etsy shop for this next week of Thanksgiving on a very important "business" trip and photo shoot. We have been invited and are going to Cabo San Lucas to spend some time in a lovely villa on the cliffs of Baja California.

Mexican Sunflowers

I am looking forward not only to the wonderful opportunity to photograph just about everything (I am taking two of my cameras), eat lots of salsa and fresh local foods (I will probably gain five pounds), but mostly time away from every day stuff we do every day and just to play with my family and not think.

Mexican Security

Wishing all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving. Stay safe.

Ciao amici and adios,

Angel Flower Girls

The paint is dry and these angelic doll faces have finally floated off the easel into my SHOP!

May I introduce you to...

Angel Flower Girl ~ Miss Daisy

~ ~ ~

Angel Flower Girl ~ Miss Rose

~ ~ ~


Angel Flower Girl ~ Miss Tulip

~ ~ ~

These flower girls are charmers for any sweet room in your home. Perfect for not only a baby's nursery, but will transition nicely into a young girl’s room. Also lovely as holiday décor framed as a set on a mantel or in a beautiful table top setting.

Hand painted and signed, ready to frame. These are one of a kind, originals. I will be creating magnet sets out of these girls which would make perfect gifts for the holidays and pretty decorations for your home office, kitchen, or message board. Limited edition ACEOs are also going to be available. Prices will be the same as those similar items already in my shop. I am taking pre-orders for the above-mentioned items now.

My offer still stands...if you are order and mention that you saw these on my blog or Flickr photostream you will get FREE SHIPPING.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope the angels watch over all of you this weekend.

Ciao amici,


A Clean Sweep...of my blog!

Yesterday I had my computer guy over here to help me with some tech stuff and "clean up" my computer. Well, we did just that and accidentally deleted all of my posted photographs. Of course I have them stored on my hard drive, but Blogger and Picassa will not give them back to me. The dirty rats.

Nothing like throwing stuff in the recycle bin only to not ever be seen again. So much for recycling.

Clean Palette

Thank you for your patience while I re-load all of the photographs. Fortunately, I am still a baby blogger so I only lost a few months of posts. However, I suppose if I did have more experience this would not have happened!

Oh, I will have something fun to show you soon. I was commissioned to do some custom photography of a beautiful yarn shop in town. I will be shooting tomorrow with all my cameras. 'Should get some really good photographs out of this project.

Ciao amici,


Thank You Troops ~ Past and Present

Honoring and remembering our troops today, Veteran's Day, who fight for our freedom now and have fought for us in the past.

Thank you.

Freshly Baked!

These are fresh out of the oven...and in my SHOP.

~ ~ ~

Christmas Cupcake ~ Stocking Cap

A polka dotted stocking cap is plopped on top of the yummy frosting ~ stuck in the goodiness!

~ ~ ~

This ornament must have fallen from a tree and had a soft and delicious landing on top of the fluffy pink frosting.

~ ~ ~

And one more...

This joyful dove tops this yummy polka dotted cupcake. I do not think that she will fly away ~ it's just too good here!

~ ~ ~

These are original pen and ink, gouache, watercolour paintings and each is signed. I have painted them on 140 pound acid free, cold press Strathmore watercolour paper.

The image size of each is 5" x 7" and the overall paper size is 6" x 8".

They will fit into a standard frame as they are or I can mat them for you.

These are one of a kind; however I will be offering limited edition ACEOs and will also be creating sets of laminated magnets from this collection of paintings. If you are interested, I am now taking pre-orders for these ~ simply e-mail me with your request. If you order and mention that you read about this on my blog you will get FREE SHIPPING! Let's get into the spirit of Christmas.

Ciao amici,


Angel Faces

Now that the ghoulish goblins have been put to rest, I am ready for some sweet faces of about you?

Last night I plopped down on the sofa and got out my sketch pad, started doodling and came up with these little ladies...

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

I am about to paint these pen and ink illustrations, which will be available in my Etsy shop later this week. I think I may also create some magnet sets out of these girls which would make perfect gifts for the holidays and pretty decorations for your home office, kitchen, or message board.

if you mention that you saw these sketches and doodles
on my blog or my Flickr photostream when you place your order.

Thank you for stopping by ~ see you soon. Ciao amici,


Stay in touch, as I will post the finished paintings as soon as I can!

Jack is Out of the Box!

Happy Halloween my Friends!

I made this Halloween Tree for my son's preschool class Halloween party tomorrow, for which I have volunteered with another mom who also is a friend of mine. Well not knowingly she put me on the spot and said out loud, "Oh you are so creative! I know it'll just be great." When all I was going to do was make tags for the goody bags earlier this week, the guilt and pressure of being "creative" got to me...

My brain was trying to think of something cute to do for these kids...I was lost...until I was out in the yard picking up limbs and found this branch you see in the photo. Ah ha ~ I had a "light bulb moment!" Hang pumpkins from the tree. They are stitched felt bean bags that the children can play catch with or toss. I call these guys, "Smiling Jacks."

Have a fun and safe weekend ~ I'll talk to you next week sometime.

~ ~ ~

Ciao amici,



I have recently become acquainted with and joined a terrific group on Etsy, called Fabulous Artistic Moms or FAM. The work these women create is so diverse ~ baby clothing to photography ~ jewelry to pottery ~ paintings to body and bath goodies. I am sure that some of you will recognize some names of artists, crafters, and designers.

Please take a moment to check out their blog. It is very well done and so pretty.

Clean Laundry

Now, one FAM member who is a pro at creating cool treasuries on Etsy, has done it again and made this one fun! Holly of Winkle Pots will take you on a scavenger hunt and you will have a chance to win $10 in FAM bucks which you may use toward purchases from participating members. I am happy to say that I was asked by Holly air out my "Clean Laundry" in this scavenger hunt and treasury, titled "Lavender's Blue."

Have a good time and enjoy!

Ciao amici,