Jack is Out of the Box!

Happy Halloween my Friends!

I made this Halloween Tree for my son's preschool class Halloween party tomorrow, for which I have volunteered with another mom who also is a friend of mine. Well not knowingly she put me on the spot and said out loud, "Oh you are so creative! I know it'll just be great." When all I was going to do was make tags for the goody bags earlier this week, the guilt and pressure of being "creative" got to me...

My brain was trying to think of something cute to do for these kids...I was lost...until I was out in the yard picking up limbs and found this branch you see in the photo. Ah ha ~ I had a "light bulb moment!" Hang pumpkins from the tree. They are stitched felt bean bags that the children can play catch with or toss. I call these guys, "Smiling Jacks."

Have a fun and safe weekend ~ I'll talk to you next week sometime.

~ ~ ~

Ciao amici,