A Clean Sweep...of my blog!

Yesterday I had my computer guy over here to help me with some tech stuff and "clean up" my computer. Well, we did just that and accidentally deleted all of my posted photographs. Of course I have them stored on my hard drive, but Blogger and Picassa will not give them back to me. The dirty rats.

Nothing like throwing stuff in the recycle bin only to not ever be seen again. So much for recycling.

Clean Palette

Thank you for your patience while I re-load all of the photographs. Fortunately, I am still a baby blogger so I only lost a few months of posts. However, I suppose if I did have more experience this would not have happened!

Oh, I will have something fun to show you soon. I was commissioned to do some custom photography of a beautiful yarn shop in town. I will be shooting tomorrow with all my cameras. 'Should get some really good photographs out of this project.

Ciao amici,