Macon, GA, USA


Summer splashed us with a field of fanciful zinnias this year.

I had petite bouquets like this one throughout my house all summer long - this one above with a little boho charm. The folk art painting is one I purchased from a Haitian street artist in New York City many years ago. I remember the artist still - he was so humbled when my Mother & I purchased several of his pieces. Good memories.

The zinnia blooms were bursting in our summer garden. So much so, that every few days I was in the garden cutting bouquets of these beauties.

Playing with whimsical containers, mixing up the bright floral hand painted tray with black and white flower pots, creates an unexpected, almost glam Halloween, vibe.

Butterflies were fluttering from flower to flower as I cut away their pretty petals and precious nectar for the final harvest.

This pretty girl stayed still while I took her photograph.

We recently planted our fall garden - fresh greens, colorful carrots, cilantro, and more of these zinnias, called "California Giants." Because of our Southern climate, these happy flowers will continue to flourish throughout the autumn season. New leaflets are already popping out of the soil from our second planting and are about twelve inches tall with tiny buds.

In a few weeks I will be bringing more of these happy flowers inside and placing them everywhere throughout our home.

This is the best autumn color!

What autumn color are you bringing into your home this season?


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