Meet Alice's White Rabbit

Spring has sprung for this bun!

Meet Alice's White Rabbit.

This mischievous bun {who started out like this} got into a little mess, forgot about the time, never looked back...and look what happened to him - forever preserved!

Using layered vintage frames, beautiful creamy white matelassé wallpaper and tailored hounds tooth paper, vintage pearls and rhinestones, a bow tie, and a crown fit for a prince, this stuffed bunny who fell into some ink {with a little help} was never the same. 

I had to rescue him.  So I assembled the collection of artifacts as homage to Alice's White Rabbit.

These one of a kind mixed media rabbit taxidermy art pieces are made to order.  {I will also happily consider the preservation of other critters.}

 While this one is currently taking residence and hanging in the Design House in Macon, Georgia, it is for sale.  Contact me directly for details.  

Stay out of mischief and have a wonderful week.

As always, thank you for your visit.

Ciao amici,