Nothin' Sweeter

There's nothing sweeter than a Georgia Peach...they say.

For those of you who know me out there, every summer I hit the fruit stands to gather bushels of peaches almost every week during their peak season.  But before they are devoured by my family or made into peach cobbler, I photograph this luscious fruit and capture forever their delicate texture, vibrant colour, and the hint of the sweetness that lies beneath their fuzzy skin.

It's a Cezanne moment for me...if you know what I mean.

They are some of our favorite creations from Mother Nature's summer garden, and each and every bite tastes deliciously scrumptious!  In fact, the other morning I asked my son if he had sprinkled powdered sugar on the sliced peaches I gave him for breakfast because they tasted like candy.  {He said no.  And that really was the truth.}

One of my other Southern summer passions is my Shasta Daisy garden.

These babies grew almost as tall as me this year and we just planted them in the Spring of 2013 when they were tiny specimens I purchased from the local Master Gardeners' Club.  They did not look pretty then, but I knew with the help of several green thumbs that we have in our family, they would thrive.  They have.

Love, love having fresh blooms to cut from my garden and bring indoors.

Happy flowers.  Nothin' sweeter.

Happy week to you all.  See you soon.

Ciao amici,

~ ~ ~

Sharing with some of these blog friends this week and Tuesday Garden Party.


Margie said...

A winning combination!

Suzanne ~ Italian Girl in Georgia said...

You are a winning bloggy friend, Margie! And a peach!

Sarah said...

Your Georgia peaches are perfection. Our TX peaches are finished, but we certainly ate our share. Yum!
Beautiful images with the peaches and fresh flowers.
Happy Summer!

Liz Hockamier said...

Hi Suzanne,
These look so yummy! The daisies are darling too.
We are so hot and dry here, nothings growing or blooming. :(

Thanks for linking up for Fresh-Cut Friday. :)

chateau chic said...

The peaches look luscious, and nothing says summer better than shasta daisies!!
Thank you so much for visiting.
Mary Alice

Poppy said...

Hi Suzanne,

So very nice to meet you!

Your peaches are and petals are very pretty and I'm sure they both bring you joy, as the simple and sweet things in life always do!

Thanks for your lovely comment at Poppy View and hope to see you again!

Happy weekend!


Beverly said...

Suzanne, I have loved this post and photos since you first shared it on Pink Saturday. Your photos are stunning!

But, I just noticed there was no comment from me. I would have sworn I left one, but who know what goes on with my brain sometime. lol

Anyway, here I am again admiring your photos, and I have now fixed the comment situation. Happy Pink Saturday. Thank you so much for joining us, and please join again whenever you can. I appreciate you and your support.♥

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