Sunshine on a Winter Morning

There's nothing better to beat the winter doldrums than sunny yellow daffodils smiling at you on a cold morning!

Earlier in the month the delicate but strong stalks were pushing through the snow, ice, and frost reminding us that Spring was coming soon...and every February our vintage daffodils do not disappoint.

'Don't know about you, but I am still bundled in sweaters, boots, gloves, and wool scarves...even though we have had a few teases with some warm afternoons lately.  The South is not supposed to be this cold for this long!

The morning I made these photographs in my garden, the sunshine was so luminous and the daffodil petals almost transparent with the sunlight shining behind each one.

This photograph was a surprise with the halo surrounding the bloom.

These classic winter blooms are everywhere you look,

...including this precious garden in our historic downtown, which I pass everyday as I drop my son off to school.

{I made these photographs with my phone - something I really do not do often, as I am so attached to my camera but did not have it with me at this moment so I took a chance and used my phone.  Not so bad, huh?} 

I love this cottage garden - it is pretty year 'round...and if you look carefully, you can even see a bit of Saint Francis watching us from the back of the garden.

Our winter sunshine keeps me warm in spirit and wistful for Springtime.

And this sunshine is about to burst with news soon of our Summer Arts Camp 2014.

Keep a Sunny Disposition!

Ciao amici,



Happy  L O V E  Day!


My little boy the other day asked me if I was going to decorate for Valentine's Day.  I have been so busy with my interior design work that I almost just let it slip by.

 {My favorite handmade Valentine box with vintage millinery I made a few years ago and a Katie Daisy card that I "love" perched on an Italian white porcelain cake stand in the glow of the afternoon sunshine.}

But then, if I did that, our "love shack" just would not be the same this year.

So, when I was left alone for a bit a couple of days ago, cupid came flying in from cloud nine and landed in our home to help me celebrate this season of LOVE.

He seems quite comfy here, too - watching all that I do.

{Look at those precious buns!}

I found a sunny spot for this fun tulle heart wreath I made while with a group of special friends during our annual Valentine's Day brunch the other day.  
{Thank you Sherry for such a lovely day!}

And...this - special heart from my heart.
{My little guy doodled this for me.}

This work of the heART makes our Valentine's Day complete.

Happy Valentine's Day Friends.

Love the one you are with today and always.  
We never know what tomorrow may bring.

Ciao amici,

Not Just "Filler"

'Love the delicate creamy blooms of Baby's Breath...

...don't you?

I rarely use it as a "filler" because it's so pretty on its own in a 
crystal vase
pewter jug, or 
tarnished silver urn.

Happy Winter Weekend.

Ciao amici,

I am proud to say that this photograph came out of my camera looking just like this.  No re-touching, no filters, just right out of my camera.  Love my camera!

~ ~ ~

Joining some of these friends this week.

Southern Snowfall

A wonderland of winter fell upon us last week, which does not happen very often here in the Deep South.  {The experts say it happens about every 1,000 days.}

Fortunately for me and my family, we were safely at home and not on the roads, staying warm and patiently 
for the snow that was promised to us.  
{I thought it was going to pass us by and go straight up to the North.}

School cancelled and all day, no snow...

And then at dark, skyfall.


At first just a few snowflakes sprinkled down from the sky...

And then some more...

And it did not stop until morning, when we awoke to our home and the town in a blanket of beautiful, sparkling white powder!

We played.

I made photographs.

{Our winter garden so much prettier under a blanket of glistening snowflakes.}

Guss {our Cavapoo} romped.

We made snow cones.

It was our winter wonderland for a few days.  


And yesterday the Groundhog said that we are going to have six more weeks of winter.  We've already had the coldest January on more snow on the way?  I've heard rumours.

Stay warm!

Ciao amici,