Star Cookies.

I made, homemade, cookies.  

No box.  

No bag.  

No dough 
...that's perforated and ready to lay out on a cookie sheet.

Flour {White Lily, of course.}, sugar {Dixie Crystals, of course}, pure vanilla bean {from Mexico, of course - and I'm almost out of the delicious stuff - got to go south of the border and get some more of this nectar}, and butter {unsalted, of course}.

A rolling pin!
 I have not used a rolling pin in more than a decade.  Oh, except to roll out Play Dough with my little boy about three years ago when I think was when he last played with Play Dough.

'Found this recipe in a holiday issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine and because of its very few ingredients {any more than five or six, I forget about it in the kitchen} I was intrigued enough to give it a try over the holidays.

Made the batch twice!

Once for Santa with my son and one of his little buddies on Christmas Eve...and they did not look so good - the cookies, that is.  We cut them into snowmen, candy canes, Christmas trees, gingerbread men, and smothered them in rainbow coloured icing, but Santa ate them anyway and we ate what he and the Elves did not.  {I did not even make a photo of these cookies - they were so pitiful looking.}

Then had to do it again.
We enjoyed them so much that just my son and I made more cookies for our very own New Year's Celebration.  
White sparkling stars.
Like fireworks they were gone in a moment.
We ate them all.

Perfection.  Not one broken cookie.  Layers of buttery, vanilla-y goodness.  
Not too sweet.  
Almost shortbread, but also a hint of sugar cookie...just yum.  
{I even had one or two with my coffee for breakfast a couple of times that week, when the others in the house were not looking.}

Since this recipe is not top secret and was published I can share {although my secret is the Mexican vanilla}, if you want to try them for yourself, you may get the recipe directly right here.

'Loved them so much that I am going to make hearts for Valentine's Day for my loves.

As always, thank you for your visit.

Enjoy the delicious-ness in your day today.

Ciao amici,