Christmas In My Home

Buon Natale & Merry Christmas!

Welcome to Christmas in my home.

Angels watch over us every day of the year, but during this time perhaps we feel their presence more so.

They are everywhere...looking over the manger, hidden in the gilded gold frame of my grandmother's mirrored perfume tray, nestled in our Christmas tree, and perched throughout our home.

Some of you may know from my past Christmas posts, that this petite porcelain nativity was a gift from my son when he was just two years old.  It is my favorite Christmas gift of all time.

Every year I try to find a special spot for it that is different from the previous Christmas.

Somehow, a flurry of a winter white wonderland happened in our dining room this year...glittery snow ladies, sparkly trees, snow balls, and flowered lights...

snow bunnies...

delicate doily snowflakes...

gilded branches and golden snow flowers...

and...angels wings

graced us with this creamy snow white loveliness.

A trio of snow people of all ages join us in our Christmas celebration...

Miss Glitter Girl who needed a little style makeover when she came home, but is lovely now...

My favorite Old Frosty which I have had since I was five  years old - oops!  My Mother just reminded me I was 15 months old when we got this - {my parents saved this little man for me}...

and my "retro" Sassy Snow Guy {a gift from a good friend}.

Rich royal, cobalt, and aquamarine blues and simple baubles, with my "signature" hot pink splashes are in our living room.  Our "portrait" above the mantle was a special gift to my husband from me several years ago.

This little angel girl circa 1960 still reigns and greets our guests in our foyer.

And, finally when all is done, we retreat to our sanctuary...which envelopes us in soft buttercream yellow and white, with adornments of feathery wreaths,


crystal flowers, and peace.

And while we sleep, the Nutcracker gang will watch out for us.

Wishing you all a joyful season.

As always, thank you for your visit.

Buon Natale,

My Christmas Music

Christmas music is playing in my Etsy shop and you are invited to get a first peek at some of my new and one of a kind gifts for any occasion.

Using vintage sheet music as my inspiration for each special creation - this collection is both functional and beautiful.

Gorgeous reds and greens adorn these one of a kind booklets - perfect to record your Christmas memories or use as a sweet reminder of your holiday parties as guest books for your friends and family to write a loving message that can be preserved year after year.

Each of these booklets contains forty pages of 110 pound acid free smooth finish cardstock. The book covers are made from one layer of repurposed designer wall paper and one layer of vintage sheet music paper.

The book covers are each adorned with a giclée print of one of my original colour photographs - Cherub with Flute and Cherub with Harmonica - photographs I originally made with colour film using my SLR camera. They are printed on 120 pound acid free watercolour paper using the highest quality archival inks. Hand punched sheet music paper flowers with sparkly ruby red rhinestones embellish the corners of the book cover.

On the inside of the book cover there is a bookplate giclée print with a detail of the same photograph, also printed on 120 pound acid free watercolour paper, for you to personalize with your name.

The books are hand bound with a satin ribbon, and tied with a generous floppy bow. Each includes a bookmark also made from vintage sheet music paper embellished with ribbon streamers and a single ruby red rhinestone.

These lovely hand made papier maché bowls are made from several layers of hand punched repurposed vintage sheet music papers. A cluster of flowers also made from vintage sheet music paper and tiny white paper posies adorn the outside of each bowl, while a delicate scalloped edge adds a subtle feminine touch.

Each vessel is sealed inside and out with acrylic medium satin finish so that it is protected from normal wear and tear. 

An individual bowl is perfect for a tiny spot, but consider a grouping or collection, which would make a stunning display in a on a table or mantle in your home or studio.

These paper baskets are hand made individually and unique; therefore no two are exactly the same and there will be slight variances from what is shown in the photographs. 

They are intended for decoration and not to be used with food. If they are handled with care, these pieces will add beauty to your home for a long time.

 Sweet as sugar plums, these one of a kind booklets {below} were inspired by the classic Nutcracker Suite. A sketch of blush pink ballet toe shoes complete with my own hand dyed silky ribbons, rosettes, and rhinestones adorn each booklet. These could not be more perfect as party favors for that special little dancer in your life.

Each hand madebooklet contains twenty four pages of 110 pound acid free cardstock. The book cover is made from two layers of repurposed designer wall paper.

The outside book cover is adorned with a giclée print of a sketch of ballet toe shoes, which is mounted on a piece of vintage sheet music paper. It is printed on 120 pound acid free watercolor paper using the highest quality archival inks and embellished with hand dyed ribbon, three petite satin rosettes, and a single pink rhinestone.

On the inside of the book cover there is a bookplate giclée print of the toe shoes, also printed on 120 pound acid free watercolor paper, for you to personalize with your name.  The books are each hand bound with streamers of satin ribbons and tied with a floppy bow.  

{This exact collection has sold - to a little Nutcracker dancer in my town to use as autograph books with her cast mates - however, I am taking custom orders through my Etsy shop.}

Grab a wand and grant wishes, poke in a frosty cupcake for a party, attach one with a ribbon to a gift, tuck in a shabby chic cushion, or make a paper flower bouquet in a petite vase and place on your nightstand. 

Each precious flower wand is double sided {so it's pretty from all directions} and is made from six layers of flower punched vintage sheet music paper atop a five inch white lollipop stick. A pink rhinestone sparkles in the center of each flower {on both sides}, while dainty pale pink satin rosettes and shimmery ribbons adorn the lollipop stick.

These flower wands are all one of a kind and coordinate with my hand made Nutcracker Suite Ballet Booklets

I hope you will consider adding some of my Christmas music to your "soundtrack" this holiday season - there is much more in my Etsy shop to see.  I'd love to make something special just for you!

As always, thank you for your visit today.

Ciao amici,