Christmas In My Home

Buon Natale & Merry Christmas!

Welcome to Christmas in my home.

Angels watch over us every day of the year, but during this time perhaps we feel their presence more so.

They are everywhere...looking over the manger, hidden in the gilded gold frame of my grandmother's mirrored perfume tray, nestled in our Christmas tree, and perched throughout our home.

Some of you may know from my past Christmas posts, that this petite porcelain nativity was a gift from my son when he was just two years old.  It is my favorite Christmas gift of all time.

Every year I try to find a special spot for it that is different from the previous Christmas.

Somehow, a flurry of a winter white wonderland happened in our dining room this year...glittery snow ladies, sparkly trees, snow balls, and flowered lights...

snow bunnies...

delicate doily snowflakes...

gilded branches and golden snow flowers...

and...angels wings

graced us with this creamy snow white loveliness.

A trio of snow people of all ages join us in our Christmas celebration...

Miss Glitter Girl who needed a little style makeover when she came home, but is lovely now...

My favorite Old Frosty which I have had since I was five  years old - oops!  My Mother just reminded me I was 15 months old when we got this - {my parents saved this little man for me}...

and my "retro" Sassy Snow Guy {a gift from a good friend}.

Rich royal, cobalt, and aquamarine blues and simple baubles, with my "signature" hot pink splashes are in our living room.  Our "portrait" above the mantle was a special gift to my husband from me several years ago.

This little angel girl circa 1960 still reigns and greets our guests in our foyer.

And, finally when all is done, we retreat to our sanctuary...which envelopes us in soft buttercream yellow and white, with adornments of feathery wreaths,


crystal flowers, and peace.

And while we sleep, the Nutcracker gang will watch out for us.

Wishing you all a joyful season.

As always, thank you for your visit.

Buon Natale,