Mountain Time & Mother Nature's Gifts

With the end of our autumn days approaching and the winter season about three weeks away, I thought I would share some late summer and early fall photographs I made while spending some mountain time with my family in July and October this year.

It never fails that I come away from Highlands, North Carolina with a camera full of images so picturesque that I am reminded of the beauty Mother Nature gives to us and thankful for it.  The colour is so clear and crisp that I rarely, if ever, retouch my photographs before I publish them.  It's as lush as a jungle in those mountains.

We hike up to the mountain at least one time each summer and this visit was especially fun because we got to spend it with a lot of my husband's side of the family.  It's rare that he and his siblings are together at the same time since we all live in different corners of the States - this was the first time in a year most of us were all back together.

And...while I married into a family of golfers, I do not play all.  So, while they were hitting a little white ball with a stick on the stunningly beautiful historic Highlands Country Club Golf Course, I hiked around and shot some of my own...photographs.

The views from all angles were breathtaking.  It was a refreshing break from the summer heat and our routine at home in the Deep South.

I was told by one of the caretakers at Highlands, that this Swan Family recently lost two little ones - there were seven swan babies born and now there were five.

This was one fierce Momma Swan, and she nearly attacked me when I got too close to her cygnets with my camera.  {I did not make that shot!}

Sadly, when we returned in the fall, there were only three cygnets remaining.  {No wonder she was so angry at me!}

We came back in October for Columbus Day weekend and although the "leaves were not at their peak" they were nonetheless blazing against the brightest blue mountain sky.

The pink hydrangeas had deepened into a rich rose, mushrooms poked up from below the shady trees, and Spanish moss covered the rustic log fences.

Then, when we left the mountain and headed back down the hill, a brilliant carpet of cosmos was laid out along the highway for miles...

...and miles,

...and miles.

Who says autumn colour is not beautiful?!  Thank you Mother Nature {and the State of Georgia} for planting these bright blooms for us to enjoy.

And as always, thank you for your visit today and always.

Happy Thanksgiving to You.

Ciao amici,