Misty Autumn Mornings & Sunny Fall Afternoons

When the days begin like this...

you never know what you're going to get...and then a few hours later the dappled sunlight starts to peek through the fog

 The cool breeze and crisp air create a perfect time to air dry delicate linens and vintage hankies on the clothes line.

I may have been born in the "Big City" but sometimes I think I belong on a country farm {wink, wink}, because {and I've got to admit}, I have a passion for sun dried linens and love my clothes line!  

There is absolutely no synthetic product available that gives that same wonderfully clean, fresh air scent that Mother Nature creates, which lasts for days.  {My son says that his sheets smell like sunshine.}

One of the prettiest seasons in the South - on many of these autumn days we often catch some spectacular views from our windows - today, a gorgeous curtain of soft pink sasanquas brushing against the window panes.

Happy Monday and thank you for your visit.

Ciao amici,