Beach Creatures

 So...this is what we did when the thundershowers came down upon us for a few hours at the beach...we played with the sea shells, sand dollars, and seaweed we collected and made Beach Creatures.

A Sea Princess Angel
{Precious Guardian}

A Mermaiden
{Kiss her for good luck!}

The Million Dollar Sand Dollar Man
{Bionic strength!}

A Baby Seashell Girl
{Bambina del Mare}

A Sea Angel

A Sand Mouse

A Crazy Coral Guy

A Sea Angel Boy
{Bambino del Mare}

A Happy Beach Dog

A Dapper Dollar Dude
{Corporate Guy}

And...Or Favorite Floppy Sea Turtle

This was our tiny Beach Creature family we made during the week at the beach, captured by the camera.  {Don't be surprised to see these creatures in my Etsy shop or on My Front Porch one day soon!}

Rosemary Beach photographs next time.  See you soon.

Thank you, as always for stopping by.

Ciao amici,