Sunny Yellow Fields

It's always this time of year in the South that makes me appreciate its beauty more than any other time of the year.  I love Spring and this year I think it lasted about twenty minutes - that one day we had in early March...

The dogwoods and azaleas which are usually bursting with color in the month of April have already done their show.  Our daffodils barely bloomed...some buds did not even open because it was too warm.  The cherry blossoms were here for a minute.  Crazy.

However what I saw this week on the way to Athens {Georgia, not Greece} was the most beautiful sight.  It reminded me of the valleys of Tuscany - the painted yellow fields of sunflowers.

These were mustard seed flowers and they went on forever!  I asked my husband to slam on the brakes so I could grab a few photos.  Then I asked my son if he would bury himself in the field so I could make one with him in this field of glorious blossoms.

In the foreground there was a carpet of  crimson clovers and willowy blue cornflowers, then...masses of YELLOW!  The heck with my allergies - I could not get enough of this!

So with these photographs I wish all of you a very Happy Easter weekend with family or friends or just by yourself and enjoy all of God's creations.

Ciao amici,


Grace said...

Gorgeous pictures. The South is always gorgeous but this time of year it looks much more fabulous. Happy Easter - Buona Pasqua Grace xoox

Anonymous said...

Glorious!! I love you telling of your hubby to slam on the brakes, LOL! I would have done the very same thing. Happy Easter Suzanne! Margie

Jennifer Hayslip said...

Sooo pretty Suzanne!! What gorgeous fields of yellow! I adore the last photo of Matthew! Sweet and playful looking. Xoxo, Jenn

Anonymous said...

The South is especially beautiful in the spring...but of course I love it anytime! (from a southern girl)

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