Blossoms, Blue Birds, Bunnies and Butterflies

Over the weekend we all worked in our yard mowing, weeding, playing and planting ~ the beginning of our Spring days on the weekends.  I planted about 45 Endless Summer Hydrangeas ~ from clippings I saved when I pruned this past winter.  With any luck I'll get about half to survive and flourish as the others have done over the years.  My version of recycling I suppose.  Another one of my recycling ideas and new creations are these pretty paper garden charms I've made recently.  Please read on...

Decorate your spring and summer celebrations with these paper garden garland and mobile charms.  Each is hand made using up~cycled patterned wall papers, rhinestones, and hand dyed French seam binding.

Beautiful pink cherry, dogwood, or magnolia blossoms {you decide ~ they are all pretty iconic Southern blooms} in a collection of soft to bold pink floral, graphic, and toile papers create a feminine palette.  

Each bloom is hand cut and double sided.  On one side a coordinating double bloom with a pink sparkle sits in the center of the flower.  On the opposite side a tiny bloom holds a loop of scrunched Paris pink seam binding for hanging.

The Blue Bird of Happiness floats gracefully in front of a garden backdrop.  

Shades of periwinkle, sky, light cobalt, and robin’s egg blues have flown together to create a gorgeous flock of peeps. 

 Damask, toile, floral, and vintage ticking make a charming collection of birds for a baby’s room or birthday party, spring fling, or a sweet mobile on a covered porch.  Each bird is hand cut from a collection of harmonizing wall papers and has a contrasting cut out flower with pale blue rhinestone for its eye.  

The feathers are fluffed and cut with a scalloped edge.  On the opposite side there is a petite paper flower that holds a loop of scrunched Paris blue seam binding for hanging.

What is spring without bunnies hopping all around your garden?  

These buns are camouflaged in grassy meadow greens and light teals.  Silk screened wall papers and a mixture of patterns pull these cotton tails together.

Each double sided bunny has a fluffy double bloom and mint green rhinestone for its cotton tail and on the opposite side is a small flower which holds the French seam binding loop for hanging.

But you’ve got to also have butterflies frolicking and dancing between the flowers!  

This collection of butter cream, saffron, and lemon yellow papillions have just burst out of their cocoons and are the perfect paper charms to flutter below a canvas market umbrella on your garden terrace.  

Each bug {They are bugs, aren’t they?  Pretty, but bugs nonetheless.} has a double bloom flower in the center of its body with an amber sparkle to ward off those pesky pests.  On the opposite side is a paper punched miniature butterfly which holds the scrunched seam binding loop.

These paper charms are generous in size {about five to six inches wide} and fabulous hanging from a vintage chandelier as I have shown, dangling from grapevines, or simply used as hang tags or place cards for an Easter gathering.  You could also string them on some pretty ribbon and suspend them between two windows, or across a mantle, or over a crib, or over a picnic table, or dangling from ribbons for an outdoor wedding as seating assignments, or…The options are endless.  Be creative!

I will be listing these in my Etsy shop by the end of the week.  They will be sold in sets of ten in limited quantities, as I have limited quantities of my wall papers.  All pieces are hand cut and all the ribbon is hand dyed.  Each individual critter or bloom is unique and cannot be duplicated.  I can however, create colour stories for you if you have a special occasion you would like to use these for.  Just e-mail me and I will be happy to let you know what’s still available and I will create something just for you and your spring or summer soirée.
Happy Spring Everyone!

Ciao amici,

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Enjoying Spring Flings with some of these fellow bloggers.