Vintage Wonderland Under Glass

Meet Twinkle Toes...

In the glow of the warm winter afternoon sunlight, pouring through our windows, these petite frosted angels dance on the top of a luminous silver and gold glittery tree...

{Those stars at her toes are not man made in any which way.}

...which if I lived alone, might just be enough for me.

And certainly what is under the tree, is just enough for me.

I found the cone shaped ornament while shopping this season, and thought if I turned it upside down that it would make a perfect retro style tree for this Christmas project I wanted to create ~ a vintage winter wonderland under a glass cloche.

After removing the hook from the cone, I glued it to an old tarnished tin cookie mold which I used as the base of the tree.  Then of course, there had to be presents...

...lots of sparkly presents.  And flowers.  So I gathered my collection of vintage rhinestone gems and tucked them under the tree.  Some of my pretty creamy white porcelain flowers fit perfectly too.

You know the song, "Santa Baby...decorate my tree with Tiffany..." or something like that.  Here's my version ~ vintage style.  {Someone must think that I have been very nice.}

As the afternoon sun set, the light in the room changed to a beautiful warm tone and this precious garland of glass blooms created a luminous light.

My very own grown up snow globe.

Have a wonderful holiday week friends.  See you soon.  Be nice.

Ciao amici,

~ ~ ~

Joining some of these friends for holiday cheer this week.