Countdown to Christmas

Enjoying every day.

I hope you are too.

I made this whimsical advent calendar using a vintage clip art image I found {on Pinterest, I think} and then layered large numbers {1 through 25} in Photoshop on the image.  Then I cut them to fit a collection of mismatched ivory and white envelopes and glued them on to each envelope.  We filled the envelopes with surprises and clipped them with wooden clothes pins to a red twill ribbon garland on our stair banister.  A few extra red bows, our old Christmas stockings, cranberry sprays tied with twine, and the countdown to Christmas has begun with fun!

Ciao amici,


JenGrenko said...

What a beautiful idea! Fun for your little guy to celebrate with and so picturesque at the same time!! hugs to you bella. jennifer

Sheila said...

I love this idea and the font you used in your blog. I was in Italy for a month last summer and loved hearing Ciao Ciao wherever we went...

Anonymous said...

You kill me Suzanne! I want to be like you in my next life, LOL! Margie

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