Just Treats at My Halloween Party

Are you ready to mingle a bit at my party?

We've got some fun planned for tonight and one lucky soul will be chosen as the winner of the premier edition of mingle magazine.

But first we must indulge a bit in some concoctions,

...the great company of good friends,

and of course... elixirs.

Bedazzled black pumpkins dressed in rhinestones and lace welcome you in...


and a little dancing to the musical talents of you know who will keep it festive.

The tables are set with a black crows nest of porcelain and tarnished silver...

...and I have taken my gown from its glittered clips and am ready to get into costume myself.

Choosing my favorite dress of paper ruffles and velvet...

my tarnished brass crown...

...and fancy boots.

I am ready for the cold dark night.

I've got secret potions for you to take home before you depart...

...don't worry, it is not poison.


You just may end up as happy as these friends of mine!

At least one of you will...do you know who?

I do...it's Robin {from California}.  She is the lucky one who gets the big treat from me.

Happy Halloween to All!

Ciao amici,

~ ~ ~

Robin, if you would please e-mail me your address and I will send you your very own copy of mingle!

I found these fabulous vignettes and spooky visions at the Country Living Fair in Atlanta last weekend and in Asheville at The Screen Door Antiques earlier this month.  Thank you for the inspiration creative friends!

A Real Life Fairy Tale

Under a canopy of grapevine chandeliers, white roses, lace, twinkle lights, and crystals...
embraced by Mother Nature's awesome autumn beauty in the mountains of North Carolina...
the story began.
 This white swan was waiting for me as I entered a real life fairy tale.
This artful adventure was art itself...
and not a single detail was left out of the story.
{Jennifer is adjusting the light to illuminate this beautiful hand painted canvas mural made by Natasha Burns.}
The art projects presented to us were as lovely in their packaging as they were completed.  {I will show you my projects later on...they are still a work in progress and not quite finished.}
This rustic stone fireplace and hearth adorned with vintage crocheted doilies and twinkle lights was one of my favorite design touches.
And if we needed some fresh air ~ there was none fresher than this mountain air!
The glow of the afternoon light and the cool breeze was heaven.

There is so much more I can tell you about this adventure, but all of us who attended have our unique stories.  I encourage you to visit a few blogs that show many of the details I have not shared.  First, check out Jenn's blog, Sweet Eye Candy Creations ~ she's got the cream of the crop of photos and her first hand story.  Another one that I so enjoyed reading {and I especially enjoyed her while in Asheville} was Cindy's, Lilly's Lace.  She made me laugh when we were together and her humor comes through her writing so effortlessly! 

Now I am off to enjoy a pre-Halloween weekend with my family ~ working in the garden, creating an "old man" costume for my little man, and decorating with some silvery blue pumpkins.  My kind of fun.

As always, thank you for your visit.

Ciao amici,

~ ~ ~

Leave a comment here for your last chance to enter my mingle give away.  Winner will be announced on November 1st.

An Artful Adventure

A Weekend to Treasure

It was an artful adventure in Asheville and beyond, meeting old friends and making new ones, surrounded by the autumn beauty and creative inspiration shared among all of us.

I will share my highlights with you very soon.

Ciao amici,

~ ~ ~

Don't forget to leave a comment to be qualified for the mingle give away at the end of the month.


Several weeks ago I was contacted by one of my favorite publishing companies and asked if I would be interested in reviewing their new magazine. Of course I did not need to take too much time deciding if I could do this, or for that matter wanted to…after all it was Stampington who asked me to review their new “baby,” mingle. I am pleased to say that I accepted the task of being one of the bloggers chosen to give my opinion on this new journal.

The timing of this could not be more serendipitous, as I am attending my first art retreat this week…but my love for entertaining and creating beautiful settings for my friends and family started a long time ago.

When I was a young teenager I began working as a “hostess” at parties around my community, not to mention always helping my parents with the fun parties they gave ~ from designing the invitations to setting the tables, making yummified desserts, arranging flowers, tying bows, and balloons floating on the ceilings.

mingle is a wonderful addition to the already fabulous collection of journals that Stampington publishes ~ and so different. Each article pulls the reader into the event that has been portrayed on the pages. We are invited to be a part of the entire design process and thought that goes behind these events ~ whether they be intimate dinners for two or anniversary celebrations,

autumn picnics with favorite friends,

ship shape annual celebrations, or

children’s breakfast birthday parties.

We even get the scoop on fun ways to display the food and décor.

Oh, and in the back of the magazine, my work is shown in the advertisment for the Somerset Life subscription ~ what’s not to like!?!

Some of you have seen what I have been up to in preparation for the Once Upon A Dream event in Asheville, North Carolina later this week. It’s been a fun process being involved in this art retreat. As a sponsor I created gifts for each attendee made especially with the event theme in mind {I cannot show you because it's a surprise to the attendees}; as a vendor I have made some charming prairie chic decorative pieces for the home {which I have shown you in previous posts}; and as a first time host of a swap I got everyone excited to make a collection of fairy tale memory books. {I enjoyed making this collection so much that I may be offering some of these books in my Etsy shop.}

Not to mention because the hostess of this event is my very dear friend, Jenn, I got an inside peek into the design and evolution of Once Upon A Dream and got to help her a bit too.

So if this does not get you inspired to host a get together of any dimension, go out and grab a copy of mingle…or you could leave a comment and I may choose you as a winner of your very own premier copy of this fun magazine.
I’ll be revealing the winner at the end of the month.

Thanks to all of you for your visit. I’m off to Asheville to mingle and will come back with dozens of photographs and stories of my adventure to share with you.

Ciao amici,