Summer Harvest

Are you ready for the weekend?
This little lady will be cleaning up the flower and herb garden, harvesting whatever the squirrels and birds have not enjoyed all summer, and bringing some fragrant herbs indoors to escape the heat.
Our rabbit's eye blueberry bush was thoroughly enjoyed by all the birds in the neighborhood ~ not a single berry is left on this little tree.
Unlike last year when we could not eat them fast enough!
So {for now}...we have none of these scrumptious blueberries as we did last season...I have since moved the pot closer to our back porch door.  They say that these are the best front porch berries to grow.  I am sure that all the activity in and out of the door keeps our feathered friends looking for their antioxidents elsewhere.  It took me most of the summer to figure this out.
Perhaps we will have an autumn harvest?
{I did not grow those luscious raspberries, by the way.}

In the meantime, while the squirrels did have a pomodoro party {with a hint of basil} I think we may have had the bounty of these Early Girls...
...and enjoyed buckets of my home made gazpacho and blt's on crusty French bread all summer long!
{This precious clay blue bird was a gift from my son earlier this summer, which he made in his art class at school.  If you look closely, there are two eggs in the nest.}
Enjoy your weekend and a little reminder that if you want to participate in my third annual blogoversary giveaway, leave a comment for me here or on my party post from last week.  I will draw names of the winners on Friday, August 26th.

As always, thank you for your visit.

Ciao amici,