By now, many of you know that I have year 'round bunny here is a little tribute to the Year of the Rabbit, after all he is still least in our home. 

Earlier this Spring when I was fooling around with some organic peat pots, I got the notion to make a Year of the Rabbit themed sewing gift basket.

I filled the basket with Spring green moss and then added sewing notions such as a paper tailor's tape measure, a vintage spool of satin ribbon, and a small bundle of twine.

I created a basket handle and paper flowers on each side of the pot using creamy white recycled embossed wall paper...
and embellished each flower and the rim of the pot with some sparkle.

Large brass quilting pins with green and yellow buttons fill a pretty Kraft paper gift box which I also adorned with a paper and rhinestone posy.
Vintage wooden clothes pins bundled with satin ribbon and finished with a handsome rabbit cabochon,
and a miniature wooden clothes pin too, with a proud bunny button fill the basket.
And an amber crystal charm hangs on the rim with a small golden safety pin.

Bundles of vintage millinery berries wrapped in golden satin ribbons adorn the basket handle and give it the finishing touch.
Does this inspire you to get out your sewing needle and thread, do your mending, and stitch all those loose buttons back into place?

Thanks for your visit, as always.

Ciao amici,

Paint Me In Your Sunshine

Early this morning I squinted my sleepy eyes at the sun's rays flooding my bathroom while I showered and was surprised to see a little man watching me.

This little guy on the window pane just stood there as the sun rose and lit up the room through the steamy windows and linen sheers.

So what in the world is he smiling about?  Probably the same thing I am right about now.

I am reminded that this is one reason I do not clean my windows as often as I should.

I love seeing the messages from my son left around the house in random places ~ they are like hidden treasures ~ even if they are as simple as little finger prints on the windows and I do not discover them until moments like these

What a great way to start the day.  May you have a happy one and enjoy all your moments today.

Ciao amici,

~ ~ ~

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Pretty in Pink...

this rose, that is.

Just playing around with some pretty pink photos I took recently.

Ciao amici,


It's that time of year again when I start feeling the blues...

...and little blue birds sing in the garden, while

 mopheads of country blue charm hydrangeas dance in my garden.

I get out my favorite Summer Book...

and a recipe for some cool cantaloupe soup.


Comfy cushions in marine blue and white polka dots on my vintage wrought iron chaise lounge are waiting for me in the shade of canvas market umbrellas on the cool blue slate terrace...


and perhaps a friend or two, too.


With the dazzling bright blue Southern sky shining...

through the windows, I've selected some new blue upholstery for my sun room sofa {Sunbrella Sky Blue} to bring it all indoors.

 But the best blues of all, are my baby's blues {even when he's cranky right after waking up from a nap}.

School is almost out and I'm ready for summer
Are you?

Ciao amici,

A Perfect Peony

And here's to a perfect week.

Happy Monday.

Ciao amici,

Little Works of Art

Lately my creativity has been put on hold because of other life obligations, but my little boy recently showered me with his creativity for Mother's Day.

There is something about a young child proudly giving a gift from the heart to his Momma. 

Every year my birthday and Mother's Day fall around the same time in May and it's a week long celebration of pretty bouquets of flowers, "lotions and potions and smells and gels,"

and my favorite things of alllittle works of art.

This year was extra special because my "little artist in residence" was chosen to represent his first grade class in a local art show in a hip and trendy coffee house ~ Bare Bulb Coffee ~ which we went to last weekend. 

His "Noah's Ark" painting was used as the artwork for the invitation to the show and was even on all the napkin dispensers at each table.  {That cinnamon roll was pretty good too!}

I hope for those of you who are mothers you also had a lovely day on Sunday and may all of you have lovely days throughout the year.

Ciao amici,

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For Girls Who Play

I had a fun time recently with my garden club when we got crafty.  One of my friends in the group plays the piano beautifully and had a book of wonderful vintage sheet music and illustrations, "For Girls Who Play" from the 1930's that we used to make some Spring tussie mussies.

All the hard work was done for us when we started ~ the sheet music had been enlarged and laminated so that these precious tussie mussies could be durable to hang on our front doors.  Now we were ready to "play."

Lately for some reason I have been on a green kick.  I have never really even been fond of green because of the overuse of hunter green and "pub" green several years ago in every home and restaurant across the lands.  But these bright shades of kiwi, lime, apple, basil, celery, grass, and mint have captured my interest and I've been using these colours all season.

This was the piece of sheet music I selected to use for my tussie mussie ~ Gathering Wild Flowers.
I think the illustrations throughout this piano book are all so charming, but I loved the title and drawings of this one in particular.  {I know I will be using some of the other sheet music pages for projects later on...I already have some ideas, so I will keep you posted.}

I added some paper flowers and blossoms to the outside of cone, then filled it with Spanish moss and artificial wild flowers ~

~ sprigs of apple green berries,


hydrangea blossoms,

and wild flowers.

With a satin ribbon and bows on each side of the tussie mussie, it was ready to hang...almost.

Before I was finished, I added a hand stamped tag with the words, SPRING IS HERE!
It looked perfect on my front door and so welcoming.  Thank you Angela for sharing this adorable sheet music with us!

And thank you all for your visit.

Ciao amici,

~ ~ ~

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