By now, many of you know that I have year 'round bunny here is a little tribute to the Year of the Rabbit, after all he is still least in our home. 

Earlier this Spring when I was fooling around with some organic peat pots, I got the notion to make a Year of the Rabbit themed sewing gift basket.

I filled the basket with Spring green moss and then added sewing notions such as a paper tailor's tape measure, a vintage spool of satin ribbon, and a small bundle of twine.

I created a basket handle and paper flowers on each side of the pot using creamy white recycled embossed wall paper...
and embellished each flower and the rim of the pot with some sparkle.

Large brass quilting pins with green and yellow buttons fill a pretty Kraft paper gift box which I also adorned with a paper and rhinestone posy.
Vintage wooden clothes pins bundled with satin ribbon and finished with a handsome rabbit cabochon,
and a miniature wooden clothes pin too, with a proud bunny button fill the basket.
And an amber crystal charm hangs on the rim with a small golden safety pin.

Bundles of vintage millinery berries wrapped in golden satin ribbons adorn the basket handle and give it the finishing touch.
Does this inspire you to get out your sewing needle and thread, do your mending, and stitch all those loose buttons back into place?

Thanks for your visit, as always.

Ciao amici,