Weekend in New York, Part One

Last weekend Italian Girl in Georgia {that would be me} left the cotton fields and peach orchards and blazing heat of the Deep South to spend a few days in the Big Apple.

It was so befitting that a charming old world Italian gentleman by the name of Aldo met us {my mother in law and me} at the airport and graciously greeted us with a twinkle in his eye {like so many Italians and New Yorkers}...

...all the while telling us about the local history of Queens and Astoria as we drove to our hotel.

The Warwick, some of you may know, is where Cary Grant lived for twelve years.  {I was just here for three days.}

Soon after we unpacked our bags, we were Metropolitan Museum bound with another family member, to sip some refreshments on the top of the Met and take in the breezy view of The City

A fabulous Alexander McQueen {1969~2010} exhibit appropriately titled, "Savage Beauty" was on display and was one exhibit I truly enjoyed.

High fashion, dramatic theatre, and just the inspiration to spark my imagination and creativity.

The next day was spent walking the streets of New York...and never forgetting to look up.

The stunning post modern AT&T building designed by Philip Johnson during the time I was in architecture school has always been a favorite of mine.

The intricate details of the University Club of New York stopped me in my tracks long enough to snap a few photos.

I have always enjoyed seeing what Bergdorf Goodman has on their seventh floor in the home and design department of their store.  These vintage tin box and tea cup dolls were having their own party.  The one above I especially liked because of the little bunny cup on top of her head.

Kooky and whimsical and fun.

Of course my trip would not have been complete without a quick visit to FAO Schwartz to pick up a "souvenir" for my son as he so politely asked...although he may have liked this giant Jelly Belly soldier more than what I did get for him. 

{By the way, this place was mobbed.  Now I understand why Michael Jackson always made arrangements to have the place all to himself when he shopped for his toys!}

Nestled in a cubby of an old brick wall in the SOHO Bloomingdale's, this guy had enough shopping for the day...and so did I.

The explosion of flowers on nearly every street corner market blows my mind.  Although some may claim that New York is a concrete jungle, there are always flowers everywhere you look!

The peonies don't grow like this in the SouthBunches and bunches of them in frosty whites and pretty pinks.

On my last morning in town I took a walk by myself and visited Rockefeller Center...

...relaxing in the promenade for a few moments I sat beside the lilac bordered fountains.

The scent of this wild lilac was heavenly.

Back on my feet I continued to explore and simply enjoy being in The City for a few days.

This last day was not over yet, however...

Stay tuned for part two of my adventures in The City.

Ciao amici,