Everyone Needs Their Own Spot

...that's a quote by Robert Whalem.

~ ~ ~

Last fall I was invited by Jo Packham to write about my creative space for her magazine, Where Women Create. She had mentioned that she wanted to feature me in the magazine earlier in the year shortly after I met her.

It was so unexpected I just thought that her idea of featuring me in the magazine was just that, an idea…and I was obviously more than flattered. After all, I had her original book, Where Women Create sitting on my book shelf for several years already and had poured through those pages secretly wishing to be “discovered” by Jo. To have met her and for her to have been intrigued to say this to me was good enough {for a little while…}.

Then when she wrote to me with the deadline for the article and photography, her idea like many of them I am sure, was soon to become a reality. And I got busy.

 This article was different than any I have written for Stampington’s magazines or for that matter, here on my blog ~ it was much more autobiographical. I was not simply writing about something I had created with my hands, photographed, or experienced and telling about it.

This piece became a story about why I do what I do and an open public invitation into my private creative haven.

For those of you who read the magazine this article gives you a peek into the spaces in which I work on all my projects and ideas. You get to know a little more about me ~ now you know a bit of my history.

A bonus of this issue is that the art retreat my good friend Jennifer Hayslip hosted in Savannah last Spring graces this magazine, as well.

It was at that time in Savannah that I met Jo Packham {and asked her to sign my book}.

I am so pleased to be a part of Jenn’s next art retreat she is hosting in Asheville, North Carolina in the fall of this year. I am proud to be one of the sponsors of Once Upon A Dream; looking forward to selling my creations at the vendor welcome night party; and participating as an art student in the classes in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Who knows who I will meet this time!

I am grateful for this recognition and so appreciative to Jo and Amanda Crabtree at WWC. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of this magazine and putting together a beautiful feature of my creative spot.

All of you may get your own copy of the Summer 2011 issue of Where Women Create when it hits news stands on May 1st. Happy summer reading!

Ciao amici,

Where did the Easter Bunny come from?

The CHICKS were in charge around here this Spring and Easter season...
...and they had a playful roost on our dining room table, enjoying the afternoon delight of sunshine every day.

We had big fuzzy baby chicks, just hatched from delicate shells...

...old chicks {mine I made out of papier mache` when I was about the same age as my son is now}...

...little chubby chicks who glow in the dark...


...and my childhood books about enchanted chicks! 

Old German folklore has a tale about how the Easter Bunny came about ~ the tale is about a bird who was turned into a rabbit

Ah, the Enchanted Egg is finally explained.

The rabbit was so happy with his new shape: floppy ears, four legs, whiskers, and a nose that never stopped moving...

{He even had chocolate money made with his fabulous face on each edible note.}

...that he celebrated his first Spring by giving gifts of something he knew how to make when he was a chick ~ EGGS!

Hand painted eggs with flowers, polka dot eggs, chocolate eggs, even scrambled eggs {for Easter morning breakfast, of course}.

And to this day, the Bunny Tales continue to bring all of us the joy each Easter season,

celebrating the re-birth of life and the beginning of a fresh new season ~ Spring!

Hopping that all of you had a happy and blessed Easter holiday.

Thank you for spending a little time with me.

Buona Pasqua, as they say in Italy or...

Ciao amici,

Easter Time

Easter Wishes to All of You!

I'll be back tomorrow with snippets of our Spring weekend.

Ciao amici,

Earth Day Gifts

It's Earth Day and around here, Mother Nature had her way with us early Saturday morning when a tornado blasted through our property. 

Our work is cut out for us with cleaning up dozens of fallen trees, limbs, and replanting our garden {not to mention spending the remaining Spring months with our favorite contractors}.  And it's going to take a lot more than these stylish gardening tools by Hermes to do the job.

But before our gardens were ravaged last weekend, on a snowy day earlier this year I made a petite peat pot Earth Day garden gift basket

Somerset Life had a "peat pot" challenge that perked up my interest so I got busy playing in my studio.  I love to garden ~ always have ~ and it was fun to get my hands dirty working on this whimsical little project.

With a six inch organic peat pot, I created a basket handle and a bow on each side of the pot using strips I cut from creamy white recycled embossed wall paper. 

I embellished each bow with a velvet millinery flower and ribbon.  Then I added some sparkly diamonds {rhinestones, really} around the top and bottom of the pot. 

The garden party began when I began filling the basket, starting with Spanish moss and adding some pretty garden "supplies" ~ a bunch of porcelain roses,

a wooden pencil, a tiny vintage glass vase ~ a treasure found in our back yard ~ with a ribbon and a charm,

small wooden plant stakes, a wooden spool of green grosgrain ribbon, and a vintage metal topiary gate medallion. 

Of course every gardener needs a notebook, so I made a tiny matchbook style booklet with the same embossed wall paper I used for the basket handle and bows, then hand stamped the words "N O T E S" in green on the front of the cover.

Tied off with a soft olive green velvet ribbon and a key {to the garden gate} with some charms, my "Earth Day Garden Gift Basket" was complete.

Happy Earth Day to you
Take care of it.  It's the only one we have.

Ciao amici,

Spring Greens

These sweet smelling vintage dew drops are some of the first signs of Spring in our garden.  I just love how each blossom seems to dance from the stem.

The bright green dots delicately painted by Mother Nature on each petal accentuate the pure white bell flower blooms.

These flowers grow low to the ground so the stems are not long and I love placing them in petit vases in special spots throughout our home.

The fresh green buds of soon to be floppy white hydrangeas are a perfect compliment to the tiny blooms.

I recently purchased this vintage Glamour Magazine After Five Cookbook, at the annual Old Books Sale in town. 

The illustrations and writing were so amusing I just had to snag it {for $1.50}...that, and perhaps I'll be a little inspired to do some retro Glamour Girl style cooking!

And at each place setting a bouquet of dew drops dances.

Enjoy your day.

Ciao amici,