Everyone Needs Their Own Spot

...that's a quote by Robert Whalem.

~ ~ ~

Last fall I was invited by Jo Packham to write about my creative space for her magazine, Where Women Create. She had mentioned that she wanted to feature me in the magazine earlier in the year shortly after I met her.

It was so unexpected I just thought that her idea of featuring me in the magazine was just that, an idea…and I was obviously more than flattered. After all, I had her original book, Where Women Create sitting on my book shelf for several years already and had poured through those pages secretly wishing to be “discovered” by Jo. To have met her and for her to have been intrigued to say this to me was good enough {for a little while…}.

Then when she wrote to me with the deadline for the article and photography, her idea like many of them I am sure, was soon to become a reality. And I got busy.

 This article was different than any I have written for Stampington’s magazines or for that matter, here on my blog ~ it was much more autobiographical. I was not simply writing about something I had created with my hands, photographed, or experienced and telling about it.

This piece became a story about why I do what I do and an open public invitation into my private creative haven.

For those of you who read the magazine this article gives you a peek into the spaces in which I work on all my projects and ideas. You get to know a little more about me ~ now you know a bit of my history.

A bonus of this issue is that the art retreat my good friend Jennifer Hayslip hosted in Savannah last Spring graces this magazine, as well.

It was at that time in Savannah that I met Jo Packham {and asked her to sign my book}.

I am so pleased to be a part of Jenn’s next art retreat she is hosting in Asheville, North Carolina in the fall of this year. I am proud to be one of the sponsors of Once Upon A Dream; looking forward to selling my creations at the vendor welcome night party; and participating as an art student in the classes in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Who knows who I will meet this time!

I am grateful for this recognition and so appreciative to Jo and Amanda Crabtree at WWC. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of this magazine and putting together a beautiful feature of my creative spot.

All of you may get your own copy of the Summer 2011 issue of Where Women Create when it hits news stands on May 1st. Happy summer reading!

Ciao amici,


Jen Grenko said...

Hi Suzanne! This is very exciting and the room is lovely! Very happy for you! Jennifer Grenko

Italian Girl in Georgia said...

Hey Jennifer!

Thank you so much for your kind wishes. I'm tickled at all of this.

Ciao bella,

Carole said...

I was just going thru my emails and saw your comments from awhile ago. So glad I stopped by. Your blog is lovely.

Jennifer Hayslip said...

Congratulations Suzanne! Im SOOOO happy for you girlie! What a huge honor. Your spread on your creative space turned out beautiful!!! I especially loved reading your feature. How fun to be highlighted in the same feature together. Thank you sweet friend for the nice "plug". I really appreciate it! Love ya! XO,Jenn

Margie said...

Suzanne! Congrats! I just wrote you about your feature in Somerset Life and now I get to see where you create?! Yippee! What a thrill for you, and me! Hugs!

Fleur de Bee said...

Congrats Beautiful Suzanne!!! So happy for you! I can't wait to play and do mud masks at midnight in October...maybe TP someones room? ha!

BEAUTIFUL Spread you talented and very special Lady!

xoxo Molly

Anonymous said...

Your photographs are a visual inspiration...it makes me want to create! Thanks, joni

Andrea Singarella said...

Congratulations Suzanne! I look forward to reading the article and seeing all of the beauty of your creative space!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your blog. It's beautiful. I found out about you from the article in the magazine, and I really look forward to your future posts. Thank! ~:D

Italian Girl in Georgia said...

All of your comments are so kind and lovely. Thank you so much. Now it's my turn to visit all of you!

The Tablescaper said...

How exciting. And it looks like an amazing place to create!

- The Tablescaper

The White Bench said...

Hey Suzanne,
finally I'm here to thank you dearly for your lovely visit and comment. I'm only sorry that it took me so, so long! My apologies.
Congratulations on the big achievement- I think many of us were just drooling over Jo Packham's book, dreaming to be featured like that sooner or later. To me, I got the book when I didn't have an active blog yet, and that seemed soooo far away! Now that I have my own creations and articles on Stampington's magazines too, I see it all in a different light. Dreams DO come true!!!!!
Your article looks gorgeous, and so your creative space. I don't have one at the moment (actually I don't even have a home!;)) but I'm confident I'll have a cozy nest to create in very soon.
My best and congrats again, from one italian girl to another;))
Monica x
P.S Oh I spotted your fabulous new creation in the upcoming issue of Life... we'll share the same issue once again ;) Can't wait to read your article there.

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